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Kate as Patron of the London’s National History Museum (NHM)

27 November 2012: Open the Treasures exhibition in the Cadogan Gallery, before she became Patron.

11 December 2013: Attend the premiere of David Attenborough’s Natural History Museum Alive 3D.

2 July 2014: Make a private visit to the Sensational Butterflies exhibition with Princes William and George to celebrate the Prince’s first birthday.

21 October 2014: Attend the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards.

22 November 2016: Attend a children’s tea party celebrating the Diplodocus Dippy’s time in Hintze Hall.

13 July 2017: Open the new Hintze Hall featuring the new star display –a diving blue whale skeleton.

Gasadalur- Faroe Islands, Denmark

Gasadalur is a small village on the island Vagar, one of the 18 islands of the Faroe Islands. The picturesque scenery, particularly the waterfall, are popular with travelling photographers. In the year 2012, the villages population was made up of only 18 people. 


Fiona Apple photographed by Will Deitz, 2012

Interviewer:   You said in an interview years ago: “Everything that happens to me, I experience it really intensely. I feel it very deeply.” You’ve spoken a lot about honoring a spectrum of feelings. Do you still feel that way or have you hardened at all?

Fiona Apple:   “I have gone back and forth and I have saved myself from the hardening. There is a song on the "The Idler Wheel….” ‘Left Alone’, where I say, “I don’t cry when I’m sad anymore.” There was a period of time when I was not feeling things. It was terrible. Sometimes it’s good to grow a tough hide– for press stuff, maybe. But when I hear people say that they won’t get a dog because they had one when they were a kid and it died, or that they don’t want to fall in love because it hurts too much, I’m like, “fuck you.”. I really believe in completely being naive and having high hopes when meeting someone new. I can kind of re-do my stupidity or my naivete. It pisses me off to think that we’re conditioned to push away bad feelings and to think that anything that’s uncomfortable is something to be avoided. When things are really bad nowadays, I recognize the value in it because it’s me filling my quota– it’s going to make my joy more intense later.“


Artist on Tumblr

Sara Hini | on Tumblr (Canada) - A Roaming Day

Sara Hini is a 22 years old photographer based in Montreal. In 2012, after some frustating semesters in university, she felt she would never learn what she really wanted by just sitting in a classroom. She bought a camera and took a year off where she crossed Canada and lived for 3 months in Indonesia. Since then, Sara keep exploring, travelling and wandering. A Roaming Day is a photo series about the simple comeliness of everyday life.

© All images courtesy of the artist

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Hoi. My name is Jannis. Im a 17 years old german based hobbyist photographer. I take pictures since christmas 2012, when I got my first DSLR. I have to say maybe I photograph not as much as other photographers but I have my phases where I’ll get back on this time, for example holiday. I like breathtaking and beautiful landscapes but also vintage minimalist portraits, often black and white.

This is photo from my last norwaytrip. I have other similar photos from there on my tumblr, i would love when you can check them out!

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