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Moon in the 4th house - Moon’s Baby  

“And the Great Mother said: Come my child and give me all that you are. I am not afraid of your strength and darkness, of your fear and pain. Give me your tears. They will be my rushing rivers and roaring oceans. Give me your rage. It will erupt into my molten volcanoes and rolling thunder. Give me your tired spirit. I will lay it to rest in my soft meadows.” ~Linda Reuther

Moon water is cradled in the umbilical cord with Moon in the 4th. Although the line is cut away, the powerful connection between individual and mother tightly bound for a lifetime. This is a sensitive position for the Moon, and her lunar songs are symphonic in her own Cancer ruled house. The attachment to home, family, and loved ones is physically, spiritually, and emotionally binding. Stability is important, although her childhood may have involved a lot of moving around and change in residence. The core is gentle, emotional, and loving with Moon in the 4th. Healthy experiences during the upbringing prime empathy, appreciation, and soothing lifelong memories. But, if the earliest expression of emotion were invalidated by the parents, the individual can struggle longterm with emotional lability, instability, and dependency. Much of her coping skills centre around developing emotional resiliency and the ability to self comfort. The individual is a safe guarder and the nature is defensive and protective. She dips her mermaid tail in the moon lagoon, the water in her spirit, and she frequently drifts into fantasy and comforting reverie. Remarkable memory retention can be a blessing and a curse. 

The 4th house is the residence of spirit guides, and the moon’s psychic nature accelerates the connection between soul and body. She can receive intuitive guidance through sensations, feelings, and her direct intimacy with Mother Goddess. Ancestors may communicate with her in the home through appliances like switching on lights and changing room temperature. The close presence of spirit guides is very much a protective force. There are always angels hovering close by. No matter her physical age, she is always a golden child of the heavens. Family is the joy, despair, and repair of life with Moon in the 4th. Nothing brings her more delight than having everybody she loves together again. She may be a great lover of holiday season, birthdays, stormy nights, and cooking for friends and family. Family is what keeps her balanced and feeling safe, because she may be constantly threatened by loss of security, abandonment, or the death of a family member. There may be a deep affinity with tracing back ancestors and discovering her family history. Photographs are essential, and she may like to keep a journal. Her home is her bungalow and sanctuary, and she absolutely needs a safe place she can retreat from the world and crawl into. There is a natural and commanding harmony with the cycles of the moon. She is the lunar mirror whose moods wax and wane to reflect the hollow and full white diamond in the sky. She can experience consuming and suffocating mood states where she feel everything at once, and then she feels nothing at all. There may be difficulties with fluid retention and managing sugar and dairy cravings. The individual can fall easily into destructive rituals to cope with emotion, she may binge eat, impulse buy, or refuse to get out of bed. 

Moon in the 4th people are natural mother goddesses, and the individual expresses her maternity and wisdom from a very young age. The fourth house represents the psychological base. Dane Rudyhar calls this the symbolic tap-root of the human organism, the place in which the total human person finds his centre. The Moon is the astrological expression of feminine energy and matriarchal consciousness. As a child, the feminine influences of her life condition her and shape her as a person. There may have been a close attachment to the mother, aunt, or grandmother, and possibly all three. Psychic abilities are generally inherited by the women in her heritage. The moon is attached to the earth’s gravity field the same way a baby is attached to its mother. It’s possible that she experienced and still does experience a high degree of psychic activity with the mother, like she was a vessel of the mother’s sensations and moods. She may feel very safe with the mother as the intuitive bond is so strong and provides her with a sense of comfort in a way nobody else does. It is possible that she will care for the mother in old age as she undertakes the mothering role herself. Also, the mother may have been quite emotional and unstable, so it may have been difficult for the individual to predict her mother’s responses and exaggerated her instability fears. The home life is a reflection of her inner values and sentiments. Milky lunar drops fill her home and inner experience with the frothy creamy comfort of unconditional love, shelter, and belonging. She is the place everybody comes home to. 


[ art Victo Ngai - See Babies Before They Are Born]


Feeling tremendously fed up at the moment, so I thought I’d I’d browse through my comfy picture folder, in the hopes it’d help cheer me up a little bit, unfortunately it hasn’t. Might as well dump some of my favourite pictures here (if you don’t know what a “comfy" picture is, it’s essentially a photograph or drawing that’s appealing to the eyes, usually some beautiful nature, or a small, cosy bedroom). None of these pictures belong to me, and I don’t know the sources either, since I saved them all from various image boards, if any of these belong to you, feel free to send me a message and I’ll happily remove them

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Where Each MBTI Type Best Fits in a Corporation

ENTJ – CEO/Executive Suite

ENTJs are natural workhorses that are able to look at the big picture when it is time to make difficult decisions. They complete tasks efficiently and quickly, making them naturally apt to take over a corporation and lead the charge for their teams.

INTJ – Board of Directors/Risk Analysts

INTJs have a natural affinity for the long-term vision. They can see where the future opportunities are for the most profit, making them excellent for being in the board of directors seat. They can also see where the future risks are, making them apt to assess the risks for a corporation.

ENTP – Creative Projects/ Independent Contractor/ Lawyer

If it’s a creative project, the ENTP will love it because it gives them so much autonomy to choose how they will get it done (similar to ENFP). It’s hard to pinpoint a single job that an ENTP would like though, because they really would like to do alot of different things (ENFP as well).

ENTPs are one of the types to start their own company, so it would not be uncommon for them to be performing a service through their own firm as an independent contractor. Finally, they would be great lawyers, as most personality websites would tell you.

INTP – R&D (Research and Development)

INTPs are the type to tinker on their own in labs with a set goal in mind till they invent some totally amazing and simple product. When it comes to their work, they prefer to be left alone, and once they are away from the politics and bureaucracy of the corporation, that’s when they can really shine.

ISTJ – Analysts/Accountants

ISTJs are dependable people who can be counted on to masterfully execute the project with their subject expertise. They can be counted on to provide the product/service when it’s assigned and you won’t have to second-guess whether it will be done. They are loyal, hardworking and you can expect that they won’t be making anyone elses lives more difficult, unlike some of the other types.

ESTJ – Middle Managers

ESTJs are reliable people that will always do their best to make sure that the products are being created with the expected standards. They can be totally dedicated workaholics, and will often go the extra mile to be one of the best workers, which often allows them to rise very high within a corporation.

ESTP – Sales

ESTPs are natural salespeople that know the product and they know how to influence people with their easy-going nature, knowledgeability and charisma. If you averaged out the amount of enjoyment and money being made by each type, this type would probably be very high up there on that calculation.

ENFP – Marketing

ENFPs have an amazing capacity to generate enthusiasm with the flair they can feel from inside their own hearts. They would enjoy producing content such as articles and Q&A Forum discussions to build the corporation’s brand value, while also coming up with their own innovative ways to “get the word out”.

INFP – Mediators/Corporate Social Responsibility

INFPs have a natural ability to consider other people’s feelings because of their deep connection to their own feelings. As a result, when they are in leadership positions that they naturally aspire for, they tend to have very democratic teams where they try to make sure that everyone is happy, almost to a fault.

INFPs would be most happy in places where they feel they are adding a valuable contribution, such as corporate social responsibility, promoting social benefits using the company’s profits and boosting its reputation at the same time.

ESFJ – Human Resources Recruiting/Sales

ESFJs have arguably the best pragmatic people skills out of all the types, which would make them extremely able to make the recruiting process very comfortable for the candidates being considered. Their ability to get along with most personality types, makes them extremely apt to rising the corporate ranks, and having loads of satisfaction while they’re at it.

ENFJ – Human Resources Development/Coaching

ENFJs are natural trainers. They love the feeling of knowing they have helped people become better than they were before. This interest and talent would extend naturally to Human Resources Development, where they would help co-workers develop new skills and insights to become even better.

ISFP – Interior Designers/Photographers

ISFPs are essentially free spirits with a taste for the aesthetic aspects of life. They would be perfect for designing the office spaces inside and taking pictures while they are at it.

ISFJ – Secretary/Analysts/Accountants

ISFJs are faithful assistants who can always be depended on to get the job done. Their natural understanding of how others are feeling, and their ability to support others in a human way, are the life and blood on which most large organizations run.

INFJ – Counselor

INFJs have so many demons inside of them that when they deal with the internal issues that other people have, it is a breeze. They have a natural inclination to listen first and will use their powerful intuition to help people deal with their personal issues.

ESFP – Sales/Customer Service Representatives

ESFPs are like ESTPs but they have a more human touch. This makes them potentially more likely to be killer at sales, where having marginally better people skills can be a huge difference maker in clinching the sale. Because of their people focus, they are able to create a science out of customer service as well.

ISTP – Consultants

ISTPs are the type to build very specialized knowledge, using what they know to create extremely pragmatic solutions. They like independence quite a bit as well as variety within their workplaces, which makes them very inclined to enjoy jobs like consulting, where they will be able to use their specialized knowledge in many different settings.


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RFA+V+Saeran reaction to MC showing up to the party wearing a suit instead of a dress.


  • When he’s searching for you at the party, his eyes initially skip over you until he freezes, doing a double take. He was not expecting that, and the thought sort of hits him fairly hard; what does that say about himself?
  • However, the suit you’re wearing looks amazing on you god help him keep his wits about him
  • Actually, yours looks better than what he’s wearing so that’s a tad embarrassing but oh well.
  • He kisses you and takes your hand, complimenting you on how great you look.
  • IT doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, and he doesn’t care if you never wear a dress; it’s who is in the outfit that matters.


  • When you walk out of the bathroom in a sharp suit that somehow matches perfectly with his, he’s simultaneously stunned and in awe.
  • To be truthful, he had been expecting a dress but this is just as good. At least he won’t have to worry about other men getting any ideas because of any skin you’d be showing…
  • …although, you’re still the most beautiful person he’s ever seen, so scratch that. Skin showing or no, there’s no way people won’t be trying to take you home tonight.
  • So he’s still by your side as much as possible, and he’s no less proud when he announces to the world that you’re his.
  • Besides, you do make a rather dashing couple for photographs in your suits.


  • She’s essentially wearing a suit too, so she’s not necessarily surprised. Maybe mildly at the fact that you’re wearing pants instead of a skirt, but hey, whatever.
  • You look very erm… attractive in it, and she maybe falters a bit in her steps to approach you because of that. Maybe.
  • She notices all the eyes following you around the room and feels a bit jealous, wanting your attention to herself.
  • Oh wait… is this… maybe more… than friendship? No, no, that’s not it, right? Certainly.
  • But she doesn’t stop herself from admiring just how amazing you look as you greet the guests, smiling and comfortable. The suit was definitely the right choice.


  • When he says he’ll send a dress home with you, you just shake your head and tell him that’s not necessary. When he inquires if you already have a good one, you just smile and tell him you’ve got what you’re wearing all planned out. He’s a bit disappointed but… he will trust you.
  • He really wasn’t expecting a suit, though.
  • He has to admit that you’ve got excellent taste, as far as he’s concerned; it looks professional and elegant and he would wear something similar himself, if he owned it.
  • The way you wear it projects confidence, a must with everything going on around him right now. It actually fits the situation quite well.
  • All things considered, he’s glad you refused his dress.


~this is a tricky one, since they didn’t attend~ so  I’m going to pretend that he found out MC was planning on wearing a suit instead before they leave~~

  • He sees the bag laid out that has what you’ll be wearing to the party in it, and he’s far more curious than he’d like to admit.
  • It shouldn’t matter, it’s not like he’s escorting you or anything - there can be nothing between you and he needs to remember that.
  • But… he’s still curious, so he waits until you’re asleep and then opens it, holding his breath as he peeks inside.
  • It’s… a suit? A nice one, but still… a suit? He stares at in curiously, but then shrugs and runs his fingers over it, smiling; you’re going to look very nice in this.
  • It’s a shame he can’t escort you.
  • No, no, don’t think like that. That kind of thinking leads to bad places he can’t go.
  • He understands wanting to wear things that aren’t necessarily typical for your gender, and has no problem with it. He just wishes that he could… no, never mind.


  • It’s not until you’re next to him that he can even sort of see what you’re wearing, and he frowns as he squints, trying to make it out because he’s curious to see what you chose to wear.
  • You can tell he’s having issues, so you just sort of chuckle and tell him. “It’s a suit, V. I chose to wear a suit today.”
  • “Oh. That’s nice.” His answer is sincere, and he doesn’t seem surprised because he’s not really. It’s not a big deal if you wore a dress or a suit, what matters is that you’re here and you did a wonderful job helping pull the party together.
  • He’s sure you look quite nice in it, and is a little sad that he can’t see better.


  • Saeran… likes it more than he cares to admit. Dresses are good and fine, but the way you look in that suit… is another matter entirely.
  • His eyes linger on you most of the night and whenever you see it, your cheeks heat and you look away quickly. He’s enjoying this, actually.
  • The way some people are boldly approaching you, obviously interested in “getting to know you better” frustrates him, and he wishes for a split second that you had worn a dress, because maybe you’d get less attention then.
  • But no, he definitely prefers you wearing that. For now, at least.
  • There’s another place that suit will look good on…

These are from a new series called Legend that draws comparisons between cartographic symbols (reproduced from Geoscience Australia’s symbol dictionary), from topographic maps, and the landforms and features they represent. I’d be interested in any feedback. It’s an ongoing project that’s now on my website. Artist statement below.

“Legend is an ongoing series that draws direct comparisons between cartographic symbols, found in topographic maps, and the real-world features and points of interest they represent. What interests me is how the infinite complexities and variations in landscapes are reproduced as a uniform and repeatable graphic language in maps.

In order to decode the map’s information, symbols are presented with short statements (called a legend, or key) that explain their meaning. Without this system of denotation, many of the symbols become purely abstract.

In this series I remove the explanatory statements, replacing them with photographs of places the symbols refer to, inviting the viewer to decode the meaning through use of a ‘photographic legend’ instead. It’s interesting to consider that the symbols and the photographs are essentially ‘pictures’ of the same thing. But my intention is to not just make a visual comparison between real-life landscapes and their abstract cartographic equivalents; I also want this to be a comparison between the phenomenology of ‘place’ and the abstract geometry of space.”

your lipstick stain is a work of art

gajevy week day 3 – lipstick. Finally a longer one; I’m much happier with this than the past couple of days. (Title taken from the song “She Looks So Perfect” by 5 Seconds of Summer. The song doesn’t have anything to do with the prompt, the lyric just happened to fit)

Inspired by “The Makeout Project” by Jedediah Johnson

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The moment she spots him crossing the street towards her building, Levy knows she’ll have to kill her best friend. A regrettable thing, really, but necessary.

Because why else would Gajeel Redfox be coming to her studioduring a work session unless Lucy had sent him there? Levy is sure as shit thather best friend hadn’t explained to him the caveat in her project, and lordis this going to be awkward.

Levy whips out her phone in the few moments she has before he’soutside the studio door and quickly sends a text. I’m going to kill you, just so you know.

Her phone chirps almost immediately. We’ll see. Now go get ‘er done ;)

She stifles an irritated squawk. What does Lucy think she’s doing? This isn’t going to work the way her friend thinks it will, there is no way on earth, but oh god what is she going to do? Quick, think, think, think–

She twitches violently as the door’s buzzer sounds, her phone jumping from her hand to the couch beside her. Her hands flutter uselessly and for a second she debates not letting him in. Will he go away if she never answers?

A loud buzzing fills the studio a second time and it seems that no, he will not. Without thinking Levy dashes to the front of the studio, quickly darting to the side to check her lipstick in the small mirror by the door. Her cheeks flush slightly as she remembers why it’s there, but before she can reconsider, she forces herself to take hold of the door handle and slide it open. “Hey,” she says, hoping she doesn’t sound nearly as panicked as she is.


She steps aside to let him in. His boots thud loudly against the hardwood floors, prompting her to say, “Oh, would you mind taking those off? I’m only renting this studio and I don’t want to get scratches on the floor.” Or you could just tell him now and watch him scramble out the door. Would be easier.

She banishes the pessimistic thought away in favor of one a little more hopeful. “I’m assuming Lucy didn’t tell you much about my project?” Please say she did, please say she did–



“Ah. Well.”

“What? You gonna stab me in the name of art or somethin’?”

She laughs. “No, nothing like that. But, um…”

“C’mon, just spit it out. Thought you just needed to take my picture.”

“That’s not quite… here, it’s probably easier if I just show you.” Then she won’t have to tell him and maybe this won’t get quite as awkward. Unlikely, but a girl can hope.

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Chuck Jones and his only child, Linda, circa 1942, Hollywood. 

Linda recounts that they would play a game in the evening where she would pull out a book from the thousands in Chuck’s library, tell Chuck the title and he would, from memory, recite the first sentence. According to her, he never erred.

This is Chuck Jones’s “Essential Reading List” that he felt every literate human should read–perhaps even multiple times as he did.

A Spy in the Family – Alec Waugh

A Tale of Two Cities – Charles Dickens

A Travel Abroad – Mark Twain

A Treasury of Science – Harlow Shapely

Animal Architecture – Karl von Frisch

Anything by Robert Parker

Babbitt – Sinclair Lewis

Cabbages and Kings – O’Henry

Career in C Major – James Cain

Cold Mountain – Charles Frazier

Damon Runyon short stories (at least three)

Double Indemnity – James Cain

Elmer Gantry – Sinclair Lewis

Farewell, My Lovely – Raymond Chandler

For Whom the Bell Tolls – Ernest Hemingway

Gamesmanship – Stephen Potter

Major Barbara – G.B. Shaw

My Life and Hard Times – James Thurber

Peter Rabbit – Beatrix Potter

Roughing It – Mark Twain

Seventeen – Booth Tarkington

Short Stories of Somerset Maugham (at least two)

Silent Snow, Secret Snow – Conrad Aiken

Sir Niguel – A. Conan Doyle

Stalky and Company – Rudyard Kipling

The Autobiography of Lincoln Stephens

The Bar Sinister – Richard Harding Davis

The Crock of Gold – James Stephens

The Elements of Style – Strunk/White

The Gnome King of Oz – L. Frank Baum

The Grapes of Wrath – John Steinbeck

The History of Mr. Polly – H.G. Wells

The Jungle Books – Rudyard Kipling

The Killers – Ernest Hemingway

The Little Drummer Girl – John le Carre

The Moonstone – Willkie Collins

The Poems of Robert Frost

The Red Pony – John Steinbeck

The Short Stories of Ring Lardner

The Short Stories of Saki (H.H. Monroe)

The Spy that Came in from the Cold – John le Carre

The Touch of Nutmeg – John Collier

The Varming – Owen Johnson

The White Company – A. Conan Doyle

Three Men in a Boat – Jerome K. Jerome

Treasure Island – R.L. Stevenson

Turnabout – William Faulkner

Vile Bodies – Evelyn Waugh

Words at Play – Willard Espy