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For some reason, this photo is really popular on my Facebook!

Ichabod showed us pretty quickly that his mild head injury wasn’t about to slow him down. Ichabod is our Halloween foster kitten who is available for adoption; until he finds his forever home, he’s learning to love life comfortably with us. :)
Note: he was outside for a photoshoot and supervised; we do not support outdoor cats.


Twilight Magic Part I

Taken by drxgonfly - Instagram
Edited by te5seract - Instagram


Jolene is an amazingly good, well-behaved model.

Shout out to this little lady and keeping my fingers crossed that my pictures help her get adopted. :)
Her foster mom is a bully breed advocate, hence the sign, haha.

Praying mantis ( female)

The praying mantis (Mantide religiosa) or European mantis is a hemimetabolic insect of the order Mantodea

Canon 5D mk ii, Tamron 180mm macro, tripod and remote control

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Since it’s the last day of pumpkins for Barktoberfest, and I haven’t gotten the doggos out to a pumpkin patch just yet, here are the fun we had with pumpkins last year!

I do, of course, want to take some new photos this year eventually though!