Joe , The Spiny Tailed Lizard

I’m an amateur digital photographer from Scotland with a background in film, music and sound design. I’m no longer involved in those fields and so photography has become my main creative output due to it’s immediacy (and fun!). I am too restless to settle on a single style of photography but landscapes, nature and architecture are my frequent subjects.

I have 2 tumblr photo blogs and 1 blog purely for gifs:

thespinytailedlizard: Captures of parts of the Middle East (where I live and work) that I have come to know. A Spiny Tailed Lizard is an indigenous animal to this part of the world.
joe-phote: Mostly landscapes and nature. I also use this blog to experiment with different photographic and editing techniques.
joe-gifs: photographic animations with an emphasis on the surreal and experimentation.

Dark Valley

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