see there's no way you can win with Prometheus

ok i have to respond to this to prove my point:

photographedblue replied to your post: nefertiti replied to your post: nothing in…

1) He was in cryogenic sleep and had to keep it secret 2) he looked at Pearce as a father and was devoted 4) money 5) to see what it could do before using it on Pearce he picked him b/c that guy was mean to David so that was David being vindictive


your reply doesn’t answer anything though!!! he was asleep, ok but WHY? why did he lie? there’s no reason given. and they have a scene where shaw sees him and realizes that he’s alive and lied about being dead and there’s no reaction from her. at all. you’d expect her to to at least go “oh, hey, um, why did you lie to us? why did you pretend to be dead?” THE PROBLEM ISN’T THAT HE WAS IN CRYOGENIC SLEEP, THE PROBLEM IS THERE WAS NO REASON GIVEN FOR HIM TO LIE ABOUT IT AND NO REASONS AGAINST WHY HE COULDN’T JUST HAVE BEEN HONEST ABOUT GOING ON THE TRIP. and there are no consequences from what’s left of the crew when the truth is revealed. you’d expect someone to at the very least get ANGRY but no. 

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