There are a whole load of my images in Rebelicious Magazine’s new issue ^_^  My image of Miss Malice is also on THE COVER!!   ^_^

There’s a feature on little old me, including some of my images, and a feature on Miss Malice that has a few more of my images. 

^__^ Wonderful! <3 

Thank you to all the models involved who helped me achieve those images, and to Rebelicious who allowed me to have my pictures in their mag, and allowed me to ramble during an interview for a little while =P

Looking to get something saucy for Valentines Day? ;] I'm having a Valentines discount! Only £25 for a valentines themed shoot of your choice! It can be something saucy, or something romantic ♥ .. Enquire within for details ;]

Send me a message/ask on Tumblr or e-mail if you’re interested.

I’m based in London, UK.

Today I decided to take a new self-portrait for my website bio section. (And whatever else I may need a portrait for!)

It feels SO cheesy to me, but I guess it’s kind of nice.  Black and white makes everyone look better! 

What do you guys think?

(Tumblr has also decided to resize this to bigger than it actually is, no idea why?!)

Amy Zarah.


I, quite often, like to stalk my ferrets with my camera! And once I got my fixed lens that only has manual focus last Christmas, I decided to accept the challenge! Photographing busy little creatures with a lens that doesn’t zoom or auto-focus is quite a challenge, let me tell you! :P  But even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes ;) haha.

© Amy Zarah.
All images are copyrighted to me.

Just downloaded my copy of VANITY Magazine, issue 8 ;] Two different sets of my work, UNSEEN by the world, are in this issue. Go download your copy and have a peak! I'll be ordering my printed issue later on tonight.. *squeeeeee*

I also get to finally post the pictures up that I did for Vanity ^___^   So keep a look out for some muscly males, appearing on this Tumblog!

/dances around like published photographers dance

Discount Head Shots!

Morning everyone! For the next month only, I will be offering discounted head shots! They can be either traditional black and white or glamour head shots. 3 finished images for only £20. - If you’re interested, feel free to drop me an e-mail here!

You will have to be able to reach London, as that’s where I am based! =]