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I posted an image a little while ago from a shoot with Maxine Ashleigh, wearing accessories by Janine Basil. During that same shoot, we shot a couple things for Maxine’s alter ego in cuteness, Little Miss Delicious. A few still shots of earrings that she sells. They are SO cute, so  definitely check LMD out if you like cute things with cute faces! =] 

We also shot a couple more things for Janine Basil [bottom image]! She creates such unique and cute things!

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Maja Stina with make-up by her wonderful self!

We shot quite a few looks during the shoot, but I think this one my be my favourite. It turned out a lot better than I could’ve imagined it would! 

Maja’s a really good model, she changes up her looks often and doesn't hesitate to ‘go there’, as you  can see! Definitely recommended. She’s also another multi-talented lady that I’ve had the pleasure of working with, so check her out!

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So…. I just wrote a nice LONG post explaining about my good news of the day… And I clicked one of my bookmark links at the top of the page, like a dummy, and now it’s all gone…. =[

Basically, as of today, I am a PUBLISHED PHOTOGRAPHER ^___^.  Thank you to the people at WASTED! Magazine who published my images, and Miss Malice for allowing me to photograph her! How exciting ^__^

And on that note, I had an amazingly messy shoot today with Eon! Lola did a fantastic job on hair, as always, and it worked out amazingly ^__^  It’s part of the liquid latex series that I’m starting [of which Miss Malice’s published images in WASTED! Magazine are a part of ;D ] , so it was messy and amazing ^__^ LOVED IT. Thank you two ladies for making it fun ^_^

It was the first shoot since I’d finished my degree, and for some reason it tired me out SO much… I feel like I haven’t picked up my camera in so long… Even though I do, every single day at least once, for my Project 365 images! So =P A little odd.

Oh well.

I’m going to stare into space for a while now and let my brain rest ^___^

OH and I have another long day of shooting latex tomorrow. What a darn shame =P

See the FULL set here - 


This is my Final Major Project for my third year at University. It is now complete. Feel free to take a look and let me know what you think ^___^ 

Jane Austen.
1775 - 1817

When women these days wish for a perfect man, they often wish for a “Mr Darcy” to come and sweep them off their feet. Most people know Mr Darcy as a character in this womans classic novel Pride and Predjudice. What people may not know is that Jane Austen herself never married or even took a suitor for any length of time. Her novels cast a scathing eye over the values of the male dominated world in in which she lived. Her biting social commentary about womens dependance on men is what makes her one of the most widely read writers in English literature. With her strength, determination and belief in her talent, she not only wrote herself in to the history books, but into the hearts of millions around the world.

Model - Martha-Mary

Hair - Eleanor Edwards.…

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There are a whole load of my images in Rebelicious Magazine’s new issue ^_^  My image of Miss Malice is also on THE COVER!!   ^_^

There’s a feature on little old me, including some of my images, and a feature on Miss Malice that has a few more of my images. 

^__^ Wonderful! <3 

Thank you to all the models involved who helped me achieve those images, and to Rebelicious who allowed me to have my pictures in their mag, and allowed me to ramble during an interview for a little while =P

Looking to get something saucy for Valentines Day? ;] I'm having a Valentines discount! Only £25 for a valentines themed shoot of your choice! It can be something saucy, or something romantic ♥ .. Enquire within for details ;]

Send me a message/ask on Tumblr or e-mail if you’re interested.

I’m based in London, UK.

Today I decided to take a new self-portrait for my website bio section. (And whatever else I may need a portrait for!)

It feels SO cheesy to me, but I guess it’s kind of nice.  Black and white makes everyone look better! 

What do you guys think?

(Tumblr has also decided to resize this to bigger than it actually is, no idea why?!)

Amy Zarah.


I, quite often, like to stalk my ferrets with my camera! And once I got my fixed lens that only has manual focus last Christmas, I decided to accept the challenge! Photographing busy little creatures with a lens that doesn’t zoom or auto-focus is quite a challenge, let me tell you! :P  But even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes ;) haha.

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