Mystery Girl- Jonah Marais

Word Count: 1.1K

In which Jonah and Y/n are forbidden from loving each other publicly.


 “Jonah. Stop.” his publicist huffed. “You don’t understand… I’m just trying to work for the common good of the band…” 

Jonah shook his head and ran a hand through his hair. “This is a bunch of bullshit. When I signed a contract with you, I never asked for my personal life to be controlled so closely.” Jonah and one of his publicists sat on either side of an office table. A printed photograph of y/n was lying in between them. 

Jonah glanced down at y/n’s face; her bright eyes and smile stared back at him. He could feel the pang of guilt rise from his stomach. She didn’t deserve to be trashed by the management team or involved in such a controversy. The two of them were just 19, and all they ever wanted to do was experience love just like the rest of the human population.

“Your sales could go down with two out of five members dating someone. We all know that Corbyn gets the least amount of attention from female fans because he is taken. You don’t want that for yourself, right?” 

Jonah groaned in frustration and rolled his eyes. “But people love Christina! The fans like seeing Corbyn happy. Why is it any different for me, huh?”

“Christina is a social media personality with the same core demographic as you all. Overlapping fanbases only help the band’s success.”  The publicist reached for the picture and scanned the young girl’s face. “Look,” she warned. “You are the oldest in the band. You are a true born leader. All the boys respect you and trust you for guidance. Jonah, you have been doing this the longest… but you can’t stop focusing now. You simply cannot get distracted. Please… promise me you will end things between the two of you.” 

Jonah wiped his shaking hands on his jeans and glared at the woman that was trying so hard to sound convincing.

“I can’t. You know I can’t do that to her.” 

 “Jonah…” the publicist sighed and softened her tone, attempting to project a more friendly attitude. “I know. It’s hard. I understand she is a pretty girl but-“ Jonah, clearly fed up, rose from his seat and mentally prepared himself to walk out the door. “She’s not just a pretty girl. This whole conversation sounds rather shallow.”

 “Sweetheart sit down,” the woman pleaded. “We both know that this relationship won’t work out anyway… With touring and the constant opportunities that this band is receiving… you just don’t have time. Jonah, honey, you don’t want to put this random girl through all that. You wouldn’t want to lead her on… would you?”

Of course, Jonah longed to show y/n off, to post pictures of her on social media, and to brag about how she is the girl of his dreams, but their relationship’s chances of survival seemed slim to none. Fans were becoming increasingly suspicious of y/n and Jonah’s “friendship” and management demanded that he stay single.

 Jonah paused for a moment and then nodded, plastering a look of agreement across his face. “I guess you are right… Yeah, I’ll end it.” Of course, Jonah was a dirty liar. In that moment, he was planning exactly how to keep his relationship a secret until he could convince the team of evil publicity hogs to change their minds.

7:00 PM 

Concealed in the hood of her jacket and a pair of sunglasses, y/n knocked on the door of the Why Don’t We house. Jonah opened the door and let her slip inside. This had been a normal routine for the past few months. 

Y/n and Jonah had sneaking around LA down to a science. The other members of Why Don’t We were the only other people that knew Jonah and y/n were an item. Sometimes the boys seemed to speak in code around other people- always referring to the couple’s secret dates as “going off the grid” or “running errands.” 

As soon as y/n was safely hidden inside the compound, she shed her outer layer of clothing and wrapped her arms around Jonah. His lips pressed against hers with an unusual eagerness, and y/n pulled away giggling. “Especially happy to see me today, Jonah?”

 “Yes, finally. That was too long of wait,” he whined. Jonah had been gone for a week in New York for various sorts of promo and business meetings. Unfortunately, he rarely found time to call y/n in private. He couldn’t have anybody peeking over his shoulder at their texts or eavesdropping on their conversations.

The pair sprawled out on the couch and got cozy under the blankets.  Jonah was always in a cuddly mood after being apart from y/n. “How was New York?” she wondered, lacing her fingers with his. “Gorgeous,” Jonah gushed. He snaked his other arm around her waist and traced shapes in her skin. “You have no idea how badly I wanted you to be there. I took a bunch of pictures to show you… oh and I brought you back a gift.” Y/n blushed and smiled. “Jonah… again?” 

 Jonah had recently started the tradition of bringing back a little present from everywhere he traveled without her. “If I can’t take you with me to New York City, I have to bring a piece of it back to you.” He pulled a small keychain from his back pocket and laid it in the palm of y/n’s hand for further inspection. Attached to the chain was a small silver bird. All of Jonah’s other souvenirs had obvious relations to the city they were from:

Toronto’s gift was a bracelet with a maple leaf in the center, Florida’s was a necklace featuring a golden sun, and from his hometown Jonah brought a silver ring in the shape of a wave. 

(Which was ironic considering he is from STILLwater and the wave would imply that the water is moving, but the boy tried his best.)

 However, there was nothing about this souvenir that screamed “NYC”. 

 Y/n’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion at the shiny little bird. “Is this supposed to be a pigeon… because New York has a lot of those right?” Jonah tossed his head back and chuckled. “Nope.” 

 “Well I- I love it. Thank you. But- uh. What does this one mean?” y/n asked, rubbing her thumb along the smooth metal surface.

Jonah admired her state of uncertainty; y/n looked adorable with a puzzled expression. He shifted to face her and engulfed y/n in a hug. Jonah’s face fell into her shoulder and he placed a kiss above her collarbone. Their bodies seemed to melt together. Jonah’s hands ran up and down y/n’s back as he mumbled, “It’s a reminder.”

Y/n giggled at his lazy demeanor and ran her fingertips through the hair on the back of Jonah’s head. “A reminder for what?”

“That no matter where I go, I’ll fly back to you.”

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Pretty Little Head

A photographer always needs prints. To make light into ink. But there was something off. // Word Count: 981

A/N: Not necessarily a Stefano x Reader, but close encounters.

A soft ring of a bell called your attention to the door of the print shop where you were working. You had been brought on because you excelled at handling color prints, both on film and digital, and you got along just fine with black and white images too. What excited you the most was bringing other people’s visions to life (sometimes even bigger than life) and being one of the first people to see the images before they’re introduced to the world.

“Hello, Mr. Valentini,” you smiled at the man who walked in. The last time he had come in, it was to develop his last photograph of his last shoot abroad. You remembered his eye was still all bandaged up when he walked in. Despite that horrific injury, he seemed excited to get his photo developed and printed. His work was always stunning and thought-provoking. To be always in the midst of war and capturing every single side, be it terrifying or tantalizing took true grit. War photography has always been such a burning topic, but it captured something not everyone would want to look at, bringing on more and more conversations. But that was months ago. You didn’t hear anything about him since and you were afraid he had stopped doing photography.

“Are we back to ‘Mr. Valentini,’ sweet Y/N?” he smiled with a low chuckle.

He had changed so much in the last few months. His hair had grown out to cover the left side if his face and he seemed to continue the excited attitude he had months ago. You remember the first time that he walked in, he was definitely carrying the weight of war on his shoulders. But now he seemed more vibrant, but almost maniac in a way. You didn’t know how to feel about the new him just yet.

“Sorry, it’s just been so long, Stefano! How are you?”

He gave you a shiny, new smile. Did you know how pretty you were? The red on your cheeks were just so enticing and oh, your bone structure framed you so nicely.

“Wonderful, wonderful,” he smiled.

His eye scanned you rapidly, fervently.

“I have a few rolls I’d like you to develop and print,” he noted, handing over the film canisters.

You took them and put them in a container so they would stay together.

“You do specialize in color, do you not?” he asked.

“Yes, I do! You shot in color this time? I’m excited to see your color work!”

Stefano felt himself glow at your excitement. You always were enthusiastic about his work. Black and white photography seemed to suit the old him: un-awakened and uninspired. But now he used that to highlight the rich reds he began to love so much.

“Then I think you will love what I’ve been shooting. Color is such a difficult thing to control. I trust you.”

With that he reached over and grabbed your hands that were resting on the counter. He gave a faint squeeze.

Your heart raced, maybe because of the slight infatuation with this charming version of Stefano or because you felt something lurking, making you want to leave.

“To think I didn’t ask you to use your skills until today is preposterous. I truly am looking forward to seeing your work, Y/N.”

He liked seeing you fidget under his touch. Fight or flight was such a gorgeous thing. It made for wonderful photographs and it was an unappreciated spectacle.

You nodded, speechless. He grinned, retracting his hands.

“Anything else, Stefano?”

“Perhaps a drink together would suffice?”

“Only if you tell me what you’ve been doing for the past few months.”

“Are pictures not worth a thousand words?” he joked.

“I’d like to hear your words, Stefano.”

He shot you a smile and he tilted his head a little. What a little charmer. He calmly told you when he would come to pick you up and touched your arm before he left.

You didn’t know whether the feeling was feather soft or prickling like needles.

Infatuation or intimidation were hard to tell apart.

After printing some of Stefano’s work, you called him in to see the prints before the rest of his photos were processed. Your “date” was a few days away, but as he told you later when he phoned in, these were for a gallery hosting his new work.

You were surprised at his new work. You never took Stefano to be someone who would use props and mannequins for his photos. The eerie thing is that they were incredibly realistic. Some you believed were models he paid to photograph, but the headless ones you couldn’t quite place. It scared you to think maybe it was a real person, but you were sure it was just some photo editing and excellent model-making. You could make anything seem so real these days.

He came in sooner than you expected and ran to show him the prints of all sizes.

A smirk never left his face while he fingered through the work.

“Y/N, these are absolutely magnificent. The crimsons…the richness you give them transports me to that moment. It looks so real, no? Breathless…”

You blushed at his compliments. You wanted to tell him the printer gave the color, you just made sure that it would be as vibrant as intended, but that coming from him meant a lot to you.

“I’m glad you like it. I’ll have the prints for you soon.”

Stefano put down the print and his gloved hand danced to yours.

“Perfect, darling.”

“I know our date is soon, but you must tell me how you did your composition. Everything looks so real.”

He smiled down at you, “Don’t you worry your pretty little head about it. All will be revealed.”

And when he caressed your jawline, you felt a lump in your throat.


Otabek and Yuri fell asleep in a field somewhere.♡

( They’re in their Medieval fair costumes from small cameo they had in the Steven Universe comic! I thought they looked so cute!)

Made them into a print ~


More photographs available as prints. Reduced prices for the next month starting at £16 unframed. Great support to have from everyone on tumblr! View the works below:

By Frederick Ardley Photography

anonymous asked:

How would you go about making a bullet diary/journal??

So you wanna make a bullet journal?

The best part about bullet journals is that they’re completely customizable and thus unique to every individual! Here’s a general guide on how to go about doing just that. If you were looking for a short answer I’m sorry

1. The Bare Minimum

First and foremost, you’re gonna need a pen and a notebook. Some popular notebook choices here in the studyblr community include the Leuchtterm1917, the Moleskine, and the Muji notebook. I personally use the Leuchtterm for my bullet journal but one of my favourite places to get cheap and cute notebooks is the dollar store! When looking for a notebook you may also want to consider the ruling of the notebooks such as plain, dotted, and ruled. For pens, anything that works for you, works. You may want to consider something that flows well but doesn’t bleed through the paper. Honestly, that’s all you really need to start!

2. Decoration

The most fun part imo! Here, you can incorporate all the optional supplies you might want for your bujo such as washi tape, stickers, sticky notes, photographs, printed pictures, magazine cut outs, and more! You can also use a variety of mediums in it as well such as ink, marker, paint, pencil crayon, etc. When I started my bullet journal, I only decorated it by drawing in it and adding watercolour accents. I didn’t start including washi tape and printed photos until recently. But of course, you don’t even have to decorate yours if you don’t want to!

3. Set Up

So you’ve got everything you need to start, what now? Well, it’s up to you! Ask yourself what it is you want to get out of your bullet journal. There are a lot of things you can do with yours but what’s important is find out what works for you. If you feel you might not use an index or reference a key a lot, you don’t need to to have one! Personally, when I got mine, I went right into it and started my first weekly spread. Some common things people include in their’s are:

  • an index
    • keep track of your pages!
  • a key or legend
    • explain what symbols you use!
  • a year overview or future log
    • an effective way to plan out things way in advance!
  • monthly spreads
    • outline the events occuring in that month! often seen in the form of a calendar.
  • weekly spreads
    • keep track of daily tasks and events!
  • habit trackers
    • record various habits such as water intake, hours of sleep, meals, work outs, etc.
  • lists
    • pretty self explanatory. list books to read, songs you like, movies to watch, etc. 
  • anything else that you might want!

What’s important is that your bullet journal works for you. Don’t feel as though you need something in yours just because you see someone else with it. As long as it’s something relevant and helpful to you, great!

Advice, Tips & Tricks

  1. Let go! Make mistakes! Learn! Grow! Don’t let blank pages in pretty notebooks restrict you, let it set your imagination free
  2. Try new things! Experimenting in your bujo can be so much fun and you might be surprised with what you create.
  3. You don’t have to make a spread every week or every day. Sometimes bullet journalling can be exhausting. That’s okay. Take care of yourself, friend.
  4. Plan things out in pencil first if formatting is something important to you.
  5. I know I’ve said this how many times already but because it really is important I’m saying it again! Do what works for you!! And what you actually want to do. 

Want to know more?

Here’s a few resources that might be helpful!

You may also want to check out some of my favourite bujos for inspiration:


The Legacy of Ancient Palmyra

The intentional destruction of Palmyra’s best-preserved monuments by ISIS in 2015 and 2017 was an attempt to erase its illustrious history and deprive current, and future, generations access to these remarkable vestiges of a past civilization.

The devastation unleashed in Syria today forces a renewed interpretation of the early prints and photographs presented in an new online-only exhibition about the Legacy of Ancient Palmyra.

They gain more significance as examples of cultural documents that can encourage a deeper investment in understanding humanity’s past achievements relevant to all historic sites. Understanding Palmyra through these invaluable accounts preserves its memory and connects us with its grandeur and enduring legacy.

Ideas for Witchcraft Using Art


A compilation of ideas I have read or thought up! I do not claim originality for this post. Some ideas crossover between fields and are not repeated.


  • Program your drawing tools with intent - for lighter/darker lines, for clarity of the stroke, for following through with the motion, for consistency.
  • Draw sigils on your drawing board or easel or table for inspiration.
  • (And if you’re using a flat table to draw, consider getting a drawing board. Drawing large on a flat surface distorts your POV.)
  • Energize your brush water for better removal of paint.
  • Draw a sigil on your palette or mirror/glass for paint to keep your paints moist for longer.
  • Use a clothes pin (for pink rubber erasers) or a 2B/light graphite pencil (for the kneadable erasers) to draw sigils for better removal of lines.
  • Enchant all your tools - brushes, paper pads, canvases, pencil cases, anything - for durability.
  • Program a stone (of your choice) to prevent loss of your tools and keep it in your backpack, pencil pouch, or portfolio bag.
  • Draw sigils on the back of your finished works for extra attention.
  • Sacrifice the first tip of your pencils and charcoal (both light and dark and especially anything past 6B) to a jar, and put a spell on the jar to keep your light lines light and your dark lines dark.
  • If you use a ruler or a stick to check proportions, dip it in enchanted water the night before - enchant the water to give you clarity of vision.
  • Optional: Enchant your clothes to repel paint stains, charcoal dust, pastel sticks, etc. (Optional because unless you’re Yves Klein, most artists I am familiar with are careful not to get excessively dirty because of wasted materials.)
  • Keep your paints/color-tools in a container enchanted to maintain their vibrancy.
  • Draw a sigil on any face-mask you have so that it filters all hazardous fumes out, especially if you are using spray paint.
  • Enchant spray paint cans for less dripping, as well as fixative cans.


  • Enchant any and all materials and projects for durability, especially after welding, gluing, slipping, or firing a project.
  • Use chalk to draw a sigil on welding or plasma cutter surfaces for clean lines and careful motions.
  • Enchant any material used to bind objects together or secure objects with power and specific purpose (ex. glue to bind these two pieces of wood together, straps to bind these several pieces of plaster mold together).
  • Use magic to make a specific place where you rest your work (a table, a board, a section of floor) so that while you are away it is protected and safe.
  • Enchant all your small tools so that they are returned to you if lost. (Also sharpie your name all over those things. Do it.)
  • If you have access to YOUR OWN power tools, put a sigil for sharpness and durability on any saw blades. Do not do this if you are at a school using public equipment - you may not be allowed to draw on blades or remove them from the machines to draw on.
  • Siphon any frustration or anger as energy into hammers for extra force.
  • Invent a small chant to increase precision and say it before drilling, cutting, or altering anything.
  • Write sigils for protection, durability, and good color on paper and leave them in the kilns with your art work during firing. (For ceramics and hardening metal casting sand-resin molds. Wouldn’t advise it for glass kilns due to potential contamination by ash in small glass kilns.)
  • Enchant the hell out of your workspace for cleanliness, organization, and loss-prevention. Do this like everyday, I swear. I know sculptors. DO IT NOW.


  • Sharpness enchantments on every single blade in your work area.
  • Draw durability and precision sigils on any sewing equipment used.
  • Enchant water for color-vibrancy and attention and use it to anoint all fabric lengths (usually best while they are still rolled up or immediately after purchasing them).
  • Energize paper reams with color-vibrancy and attention rather than using water.
  • Cast spells on all inks for good consistency and ease of use.
  • Enchant ink-mixing area for cleanliness and lack of contamination.
  • Likewise, enchant cleaning supplies (mineral oils, etc) for extra power while cleaning.
  • Say a protective chant over your pieces while they are drying to prevent damage.
  • Sigil the back of your stamps (and the printmaking word for the ‘stamps’ you use, I forgot) for durability.
  • Visualize your paper/fabric as imbibed with energy of fire for faster drying times.
  • Enchant thread for strength, enchant needle for sharpness, enchant any backing for protection.  


  • Cast spells all over your electronics for protection, battery life, memory space, anything you can think of.
  • If you use a tablet, clean it (carefully) and while doing that visualize your intent for the tablet to provide you with clean lines while drawing.
  • Draw a sigil on your workspace to remind you to save, frequently, often, and with more than one file name during a big project.
  • Enchant your external hard drives and USB sticks with loss prevention spells.
  • Draw a sigil for attention on the background of your digital file before starting a project, erase it for the sigil to activate or leave it hidden in the background for permanence.
  • Turn your digital signature into an enchantment for protection, attention, or theft-prevention.
  • Draw a sigil lightly on the reverse of any photographs printed for protection, attention, or theft prevention.
  • Hold camera lenses up to the sun for good lighting and angles and to the moon for clarity and cleanliness of your lens.
  • Ritualize cleaning of equipment to imbibe materials with specific attributes.


  • Enchant water pre-performance for strength, focus, and energy.
  • Draw sigils for attention on your body underneath your clothes (if you are the performer) or on the focus of your art.
  • Enchant digital or recorded files of your performance for protection (from loss due to accidental trashing) and for locating it later.
  • Sorry I don’t know much about performance, but call upon the spirits of Carol Schneeman and Joseph Beuys and I bet they’d help. (Schneeman’s still living but summon her anyways.)


  • Enchant your coffee, tea, or drink of choice for clarity during critiques and focus during those same critiques.
  • Put sigils on your clothes to decrease anxiety and stress, put sigils on your clothes to prevent damage to yourself or to your clothes.
  • Invent a chant to increase retention while studying for Art History.