photograph of poet

I’ve destroyed entire people. Forgotten to water their insides full of flowers and let them die. I used to write in cursive grace and I let it turn to shaky train scribbles. There were forests of emotions I bulldozed for instant satisfaction mini malls. I traded in a highway full of dreams for a dead end subway car. These are not memoirs of pride, or eulogies of loss. These are sticky notes of regret. And that’s all you can let them be. Don’t let them grow into a novel. Don’t let them continue in a paperback series. Let them be sticky notes that fade in your wallet. Let them be receipts that dissolve in a wet cup holder.

~Lost in my Thoughts~

I’m just a little tired right now.
I’m too caught up in these thoughts.
Every time I think I’m fading,
I end up getting more lost.
Deeper into the twines of my brain.
Round and round we go.
There’s no rest in sight.
It never slows.
Memories flash before my eyes.
Some good but a lot of bad.
Things I wish I could’ve changed.
Things that didn’t last.
They all haunt me now.
It’s a confusing, dark path.
It’s been raining for days.
This is how I get.
When the storms come.
I’m reminded of my past.

-Tiffany K ©(2017)

Ti faccio la promessa più grande che si possa fare, quella che, dopo di te, non farò a nessun altro. Comunque vada, ti prometto che non mi pentirò mai di questo nostro amore. Mi hai dato tanto, troppo, perché un giorno tu possa togliermi più di quanto mi hai donato. Non mi pentirò mai di averti amato così tanto, di averci creduto così tanto. Non mi darò mai della stupida. Non dirò mai “se tornassi indietro”. Perché lo so, anche se tu mi tradissi, se tu mi mentissi, rifarei le stesse cose, ti amerei allo stesso modo. Ci sono amori che non importa come finiscono, l’importante è che siano esistiti.
—  Susanna Casciani. @wordsofablackshadow

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