photograph by gerd ludwig


German photographer Gerd Ludwig prowls the city of Los Angeles in the wee hours and photographs resting rides for his series Sleeping Cars. For the past seven years, he’s made pictures of cars “that speak to him” from the neon-lit curbs of Los Feliz Boulevard to the palm-lined driveways of Sunset Plaza Drive. 

He’s photographed far and wide, but is less interested in covering the the entire city and more interested in the “distinct personalities” he happens upon.

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Photographer Gerd Ludwig has been documenting the uninhabitable landscape of Chernobyl since 1993, and is finishing up work on a photo book of his experiences there. In a recent interview with National Geographic, he shed some light on the project:

“After each entry into the reactor I undergo a careful cleaning process: leave the protective gear behind, take a long, hot shower, and change into clean clothes. When I asked a safety specialist to check my equipment after my last visit deep into the reactor, I could read in her face that she thought I was being paranoid. Reluctantly she checked my gear, but then her facial expression completely changed, and she kept repeating again and again ‘Oh my God! Oh my God! You need to clean your cameras. You need to wash them.’ ”