Ballerina Alicia Alonso executing a pas de bourrée at the American Ballet Theatre, December, 1943. LIFE, January 1, 1944. Photograph by Gjon Mili.

The different phases of the pas de bourrée, its deconstruction in the style of Italian Futurism, demonstrated technology put to use in documenting pure artistic creation. These avant-garde images strengthened the commitment of photographers like Mili to reinterpreting and rethinking their art.

The Ebbsfleet War Of The Worlds Creatures Photo Hugh Ardoin

The landscape goes through the window like a flash of light

The images seep through the camera sensor and into my faltering memories

This will be the two components of a photograph 

The print of a shady corner of the photographer’s mind

The resolute image of a reality that exists no more

Black and white is the supplement to imagination the crutches of the mind

Like War of the Worlds creatures jumping into the eye of the viewer, hybrid monsters snatch our last hopes to devour later…

Hugh Ardoin Once Industrial Gods Gallery