Μωβ Μελαγχολία στο Ρέθυμνο // Δτh Photography

[IG] 170312 winnercity: [Transcending time and space] Our Teacher Kim who is always beautiful anywhere and anytime☺ His good-looks overflows in his t-shirt and hat at the restaurant! Great job to Ssong-photograoher’s hard-working camera😘 We hope you keep up the good work~ We hope you send the photos to TEAM WINNER as soon as you take them✨ #Ssong, you’re so good at everything #Biggest hyung, just stay still #Your face already did all the work #A masterpiece #So fun, honey-like fun, seriously fun #You’re a doll #World, he is the biggest hyung of our group, look at him

trans by chrissy96_