Bad picture of all the commissions/other’s art at the con I went today with Lynn otherwise known as @tenshies! I wish I had a better quality to show you all these beautiful works, probably on Tuesday.

Top: Hiyoko Saionji (drawn by Bere Álvarez, Lynn’s favorite), Harold Gloom and Kotoko Utsugi (drawn by Darketilla, who offered a free drawing just for having a little book), Chiaki Nanami (drawn by Lisalle Mtz Art), Noalia Aichell (drawn by Mimny), Penny Polendina (drawn by Ana Torres “señorita Casita"), Sombra (drawn by GRE?? idk, it was a gift from Lynn), and lastly but not least, @artist-rayne’s Scrap Doll (drawn by Yaku)