This was my prediction. How do you think I did?

Director Jeremy Lovering meets Director of Photography Steve Lawes and we will see a whole new look to Sherlock in S3E1. Lusher colors, inventive lighting, fewer (thank god) lens flares, more action will be in focus. We won’t see as many reflections over the actors’s faces. The visuals will be more painterly.

Lawes’s penchant for a dark look will remain but I don’t think it will wash over the whole frame. The fan gifs for S3E1 will be startling in contrast to S1&S2 in color and clarity and vibrance. Gif makers won’t have to change the levels so drastically for effect or tint scenes as much. I actually think we’ll see some of Lawes’s best work yet and the fan graphics will be stunning. No. More. Amber.

God the rust color of John’s shoe in the last image! With Sherlock’s blue scarf! The deep green of the wallpaper on the left!