photog couple

boyf! jaebum

- photog couple; snapping pics 24/7 

- always brings u to new places for impromptu photoshoots

-thinks u take too many pics of him 

-smiles for the camera anyways 

-extra smiley and cuddly with u

-spams u with selfies while on tour

 -“this is so u won’t forget me”

 -“I miss you so much" 

part 1

anonymous asked:

Could you do one on firsts, like the first time he sees you, the first time he touches you a certain way, the first time you stay at his house or the first time you guys go out in public. Idk something feelsy would be lovely! Make it your own though, I love the things you've written!!!:)

“I love you,” you murmured into my hair, and suddenly, there was a slew of memories flashing across my closed eyelids. 

Like the first time you smiled at me. It was a long time ago, braces and all, but the moment was perfect nonetheless. We were at Liam’s housewarming party and there was beer running down your shirt because I had to be the idiot that walked right into you. But you simply smiled at me when I tried to stutter out an apology, that perfect laugh bubbling out of your pink lips when you shrugged me off, telling me that it was absolutely no problem, you hated the shirt anyway. You’d said something else, but I hadn’t been listening. I was too busy staring at your eyes. 

The first time you kissed me was the week after, at Zayn’s housewarming party this time. We were drunk, and you tasted like a mixture of rum and something sweet. Chocolate, maybe? I don’t remember. Because your hands were so warm when it pressed against my back, and that sound that left your throat when I nibbled along your lower lip left me dizzy. 

The first time I’d seen you angry was when we were mobbed by a couple of photogs at a diner once. There was a deep crease between your brows, lips pulled tight into a thin line, and all I could remember thinking was how I never wanted to see you angry again. I actually don’t remember much from that night, just the feel of your fingers intertwined with mine, holding me close to your large, warm body. Just that night, when your arm curved around my body as we settled into your bed, lips pressed to the junction between my neck and shoulder as you murmured an apology. I wish you hadn’t felt the need to apologize, because with you that night, it was the safest I’d felt in a long time.

And the first time you said you loved me was now, this memory being stored along with every other memory that flashed unbidden in my mind. When I opened my eyes and looked into yours, I saw every moment that flashed behind my own, and I didn’t hesitate to say those three words back.


                          The Farmer Who Loved Me: Toyin & Patrick

For their pre-wedding shoot, Bunmi Adedipe captured the playful moments in a small town in Oyo, where the townspeople helped in getting props and the braiding the bride-to-be’s hair. The adventurous couple and photog set off to Moniya – a town not far from Ibadan in Oyo State. Patrick played the part of a farmer in a blue kembe and abetiaja outfit that had the bride cracking up throughout the shoot. The bare-faced bride – playing the part of a pepper seller, was dressed in a bright green and yellow patterned Adire (tie & dye) with her hair woven into a ‘shuku’ style.

We must say, it’s refreshing to see such a creative shoot!