LDR Help & Tips:
  1. Watch Movies Simultaneously: Netlix or Watch2Gether
  2. Send Flowers to Each Other: Flowers2Mail
  3. LDR Bracelets: Here
  4. Share a Journal: Here
  5. Skype!
  6. Play Games: Here
  7. Make a Website: Here
  8. Long Distance Pillows
  9. Listen to Music Together
  10. Share an Online Calendar 
  11. Go on (virtual) Vacation: Here
  12. Play 2 Truths 1 Lie
  13. Make pictures of you two: Photofunia
  14. Go to a (virtual) Concert Together: Here
  15. Write Letters!
  16. Send Your Scent!
  17. Make a Digital Baby: Here or Here
  18. Piktochart!
  19. Dollar Store Scavenger Hunt! (Use as Many/Few as You Wish, Then Send):
  • Something clothing
  • Something toy
  • Something candy
  • Something jewelry
  • Something stationary 
  • Something surprise
  • Something you’d buy a baby
  • Something ugly
  • Something edible
  • Something I would buy for you
  • Something you would never show a houseguest
  • Something you don’t know how to operate
  • A holiday item
  • An actual shopper at the store
  • Something endorsed by a celebrity

20. Date-in-a-Box (Fill Then Send):

  • Candles
  • Bottled beverage
  • Recipe card
  • CD with music

21. Record a Virtual Tour 
22. Grow Together (Send Flower Seeds)
23. Telegram: Here
24. Sweet Home 3D
25. Hang in there, sweetheart (:

the reason why TOP needs movies again

he can play many characters


Startop Wars

as Jeditop

as Darth Vatop

TOP Legacy


next Harry Topper and Deathly VIPs