LOOOL!!! WOW! I was having a super grumpy day till I started reading all of your answers about what you would get Ganondorf and Zelda for their wedding. XD You are all BRILLIANT, (a little evil) BUT STILL BRILLIANT. (and you all know I like ideas that are a LITTLE evil) XD

I LOVE THEM ALL but here’s some gems to share!!! XD


 deerli said:  A 10 gallon drum of lubricant. Ceremonial lubricant.

shogo-kun said: I would give Ganondorf the biggest, softest, piggy plush in existence!

anon said: A good lawyer for the DIVORCE OR ATTEMPTIVE MURDER that many may think happen.

blueganon said: Get them a huge cake so that they can eat their sorrows away as they wonder “What the fuck did I get myself into now?

leftofrevolution said: Something made of Hylian materials in a Gerudo style, or vice versa, to show the union of their two peoples.

soozarts said: A blender.  Everyone needs a blender.

Anon said: I’d get Zelda and unlimited supply of Valium and also I’d give her a shock collar for Ganon.  Ganon would get a blender…

photodynamic-beats said: A bigger bed.

cheesedeity said: Honestly? I would make a new family crest for them. Something that was a mix of the Hyrule royal family and that of the Gerudo. Which I think would be the bird holding the triforce and the wrench bell thingy. Make it a shield maybe?

catchtwentythree said: Mmm… I could see the Gorons giving them something that seems almost deliberately insulting to Ganondorf. Just like… a rock. Only Zelda realizes it’s actually quite precious in Goron culture! (The Zora would send something nice, but it’s packed in fish bones. They ain’t happy.)

omniblacklight said: A HUGE mirror, one large enough for Ganon to gaze upon himself in..

 spoiledmysterymeat said: probably specialty sex toys so I could achieve both my ongoing dream of making people incredibly uncomfortable and my final dream of dying for a bad joke all in the same day

tank-n-spanking said: Awww now I have this image of the moblins, the ones that helped Ganondorf get his ring, get Zelda a bunch of shiny rocks, thinking them extravagant and prefect for court.

gigglesnorts said: A rug! A big, soft rug for their bedroom floor to guard against winter mornings, in traditional Gerudo textile patterns but with perhaps more toned-down colors to suit Zelda’s tastes.

askthebulletbill said: I’m not sure about Zelda, but Ganon would probably be all over antique/decorative weapons to be displayed all over the castle.

 pairaka said: And there will always be that one person that gives them something useful. Like a His and Hers set of gravy boats. Or…completely misses the point… like a shaving kit for Ganon (it will be a really nice kit…but still) and some strange coffee table book for Zelda…a whole set by the Hyrule Time-Life company, with individual books on The Great Fairies, The Master Sword, etc… 

patientapocalypse said: jewelry. ganon seems the type to revel in swag

nanenna said: Oh, the other peoples, such as the Goron, would definitely give gifts traditional of their own peoples. I’m more concerned with what the Hylians are going to gift the royal couple. What are the sages and the counselors and the other nobility going to gift them? A lot of stuff in Hylian taste: gaudy jewelry, pointless nick-knacks (like vases), flimsy furniture, ugly paintings, etc… Basically, a lot of stuff Zelda would appreciate and Ganon’s may be pretty much snubbed. I can even see a few items commemorating some past defeat of Ganon, under the guise of being part of Hyrule’s long and storied history, if someone wants to be really un-subtle

While I don’t consider anything short of a cure as a victory against mesothelioma, I am encouraged by our results. Based on our new findings, we are redoubling our clinical and translational research efforts to find a way to further improve and refine this multimodality treatment approach for mesothelioma.

Using Light to Treat Alzheimer’s Disease

A Korean research team jointly led by Professor Chan Beum Park of the Materials Science and Engineering Department at KAIST and Dr. Kwon Yu from the Bionano Center at the Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology (KRIBB) conducted research to suppress an abnormal assembly of beta-amyloids, a protein commonly found in the brain, by using photo-excited porphyrins.

Beta-amyloid plaques are known to cause Alzheimer’s disease. This research finding suggests new ways to treat neurodegenerative illnesses including Alzheimer’s disease. It was published online as the lead article in the September 21th issue of Angewandte Chemie. The title of the article is “Photo-excited Porphyrins as a Strong Suppressor of ß-Amyloid Aggregation and Synaptic Toxicity.”

Light-induced treatments using organic photosensitizers have advantages to managing the treatment in time and area. In the case of cancer treatments, doctors use photodynamic therapies where a patient is injected with an organic photosensitizer, and a light is shed on the patient’s lesion. However, such therapies had never been employed to treat neurodegenerative diseases.

Alzheimer’s starts when a protein called beta-amyloid is created and deposited in a patient’s brain. The abnormally folded protein created this way harms the brain cells by inducing the degradation of brain functions, for example, dementia. If beta-amyloid creation can be suppressed at an early stage, the formation of amyloid deposits will stop. This could prevent Alzheimer’s disease or halt its progress.

The research team effectively prevented the buildup of beta-amyloids by using blue LED lights and a porphyrin inducer, which is a biocompatible organic compound. By absorbing light energy, a photosensitizer such as porphyrin reaches the excitation state. Active oxygen is created as the porphyrin returns to its ground state. The active oxygen oxidizes a beta-amyloid monomer, and by combining with it, disturbs its assembly.

The technique was tested on drosophilae or fruit flies, which were produced to model Alzheimer on invertebrates. The research showed that symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease in the fruit flies such as damage on synapse and muscle, neuronal apoptosis, degradation in motility, and decreased longevity were alleviated. Treatments with light provide additional benefits: less medication is needed than other drug treatments, and there are fewer side effects. When developed, photodynamic therapy will be used widely for this reason.

Professor Park said,

“This work has significance as it was the first case to use light and photosensitizers to stop deposits of beta-amyloids. We plan to carry the research further by testing compatibility with other organic and inorganic photosensitizers and by changing the subject of photodynamic therapy to vertebrate such as mice.”

Tebello Nyokong

Tebello Nyokong was born on October 20, 1951. Nyokong has come a long way from her humble beginnings in an impoverished shepherding family. This chemist is known for her groundbreaking research into the use of photodynamic therapy as a cancer treatment which, unlike other therapies, does not have serious side effects. She is currently a professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Nanotechnology at Rhodes University in South Africa.

Happy birthday, Tebello Nyokong!

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