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I really don’t get how like half my friends don’t realize that I like girls… I mean like.. Just look at me.. Wtf 😂😂😂


C H O K E   M E   O U T      dirty! dirty! dirty! i will never be clean!


Skull Love (Sandy) Alex G// Choke me out Dying While Driving// Now Waves FIDLAR// Anxiety (I Just Wanna Be Calm) Chris Ray Gun// Nobody Puts Baby In the Corner Fall Out Boy// People Like You Are Why People Like Me Exist Say Anything// Tortuga Catfish and the Bottlemen// Green Eyes Joe Brooks// I Used To Have A Heart Say Anything// A Portrait Of Sorority Noise// what the hell am i [thinking of] an amiable melody// Tie Me Down (Sandy) Alex G// I Am Shit Crywank// Palace Fires Johnny Foreigner// skate witches teen suicide

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