Since finishing my photography course in June, I feel as if I haven’t had the opportunity to really take many impressive photographs. I could put down to laziness, being ‘too busy’ or just simply not having my camera with me when a potentially fantastic shot suddenly appears; whatever the reason, I’ve decided I’m going to start taking more pictures.
My friend Laura got me a fantastic book for my birthday called “Photocrafty: 75 Creative Camera Projects for you and your Digital SLR”. The mini-projects seem to be designed for practice but I thought I would put the pictures on here as I go along as, you never know, I may stumble across something amazing while doing so. The first one that really grabbed my attention was focusing on colours:
“Seeing colour has a real effect on our emotions. Different shades can make us feel happy, excited, irritated, calm angry or even amorous…”
So I have this idea that if I take a picture of EVERYTHING red that I see over the next week, however mundane the subject might be, that collectively I could end up with a series of shots that might create something wonderful and may change how important I (and whoever else may be interested) see colour in photographs.
Watch this space.