Adventures of my sketchbook, part ??? The scanner doesn’t like ringed books. 

Top: Line width got messed up on the troopers after my other pen ran out of ink. Remember kids, once you use a thicker line, you can’t go back to fix it (unless you do that in photochop). 

Below: What happens when I spend three days using different color gel pens and color drops. Clone troopers and Jedi, oh my. Um. Well, there’s a lot going on here, so I don’t blame you if you can just pick out a few faces here.

Alright, it’s my blog, so I’m making a small fuss. This is probably just me beating that dead horse yet again. If you’re not into that, you know exactly what you can do about that. (Hint: it involves that shiny “unfollow” button.)

I have pet peeves. All people do. I do my best not to let them get the best of me, especially when it’s not something personal. But since this is my blog and my art, I’ve got some things I want to clear up to those who are not in the know. (Most of you are, and that’s great, and YOU’RE GREAT and don’t you ever forget how much I appreciate your AWESOMENESS.)

Anyway! Stuff that makes me hit the punching bag: 

1. Removing the text from my posts, or from other people’s posts. Generally speaking, when I see people doing it, it puts a nasty taste in my mouth. You don’t like my text? Do me a favor and do not reblog my posts. (Or install the themes that display posts as photos only until the post is clicked on.) How hard is it to be respectful? Serious question. I do not understand why people think it’s okay to do this. RUDE.

2. This one is as old as the hills, but newcomers might not know how annoying it is when they tag my pallanophs as “wolves” or as “werewolves” or as any variant of canine. They are not. They have never been, and they never will be. The years will never change my mind on this, and unfortunately it has not gotten any less annoying. Which sucks. (I don’t even draw canines, let alone wolves, so this will be eternally perplexing to me.)

3. Assuming that, since my work looks generic, that one can copy/paste + trace my concepts instead of doing their own work. That’s plagiarism. Inspiration is a whole different animal, and that’s well and good, there’s no harm in that. I don’t claim to be unique in the slightest, but that doesn’t mean you can photochop my things to pieces and call them yours.

In conclusion: You do not have to like me or my art, but I would greatly appreciate it if the contents of my blog were respected. It isn’t asking for much; in fact, it pretty much requires minimal effort.

Bonus grumpy pallanoph channeling my frustrations as of late. Please send chill pill?