Heart of China

Loved this game, it was like an Indiana Jones movie

Observant people notice I photochopped it to erase the price sticker covering the leg of Lucky


Adventures of my sketchbook, part ??? The scanner doesn’t like ringed books. 

Top: Line width got messed up on the troopers after my other pen ran out of ink. Remember kids, once you use a thicker line, you can’t go back to fix it (unless you do that in photochop). 

Below: What happens when I spend three days using different color gel pens and color drops. Clone troopers and Jedi, oh my. Um. Well, there’s a lot going on here, so I don’t blame you if you can just pick out a few faces here.

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(names withheld to protect the witnesses, some editing done)

(originally submitted to back in 2014, but meant for all the owners of blogs that post stuff I like) 

Greetings and long letter from a fellow collector


This is a very long letter of appreciation for the wonderful job you do in this site. No, I regret to tell you in advance that I am not sending you a cheque as a token of appreciation, so you can delete this message now and read no further. However, if you have trouble sleeping or have two hours to spare with nothing better to do, like watching the paint dry, read on.

Allow me to introduce myself, I am a connoisseur of art and a man of taste. The quality of said art and taste may be debatable, quesitonable even. By the way, I am not an American nor a native English speaker, but come from Spain, if you are American, that’s in Europe, not south of Mexico, Google maps is your friend. So please forgive any spelling and grammar errors and be thankful I don’t grate your ears with my horrible accent.

Over the last few years I started collecting, retouching and posting in forums military and battle paintings to use as wallpapers and screensavers. If for no other reason that I had lot of time in front of the screen and I wanted to stare at something else than the dull Windows background. Oh, and because since I got married I couldn’t have naked girls on the screen anymore like normal guys do. Everybody needs a hobby. Until I find one, collecting and photochopping paintings for desktop will do.

At some point I got a bit jaded of the monotony of images of war, death, destruction and the implements of it,  so for a change I started collecting images of art I like and find cool. So I turned to the hobbies of the age most mentally retarded of my life, that is my teenage and wasted youth years, and added to my art galleries the themes of roleplaying games, fantasy illustrations and computer games from the 1980s box art. Then I dug deeper and started with the genre of movie posters: the more lurid and trashy the better. adventure, sci fiction, horror, action, sexploitation.. etc.

But my craving for bad art eye porn wasn’t satisfied. I wanted more, more!

So one day in the bookshop I came across a book about the “Men’s adventure” magazine covers. A Taschen brick, coffee table size. Since it was too big to conceal, even under my trenchcoat, and was on discount sale, I bought it.

I hit bottom with that one. I loved the pulp art. Being a World War Number Two freak, I specially enjoyed the Nazi and BDSM themes. That probably is Too Much Information… relax, I am kidding. In fact I was repelled by those covers. I like the whole “damsel in distress” theme, but trivialization of Nazi attrocities and the outright sadism of those covers were quite sick. One thing is being kinky, being sick and twisted is another entirely different thing. What was wrong with the American people who bought that? In the same way never liked gore movies.

Anyway, the rest of the pulp covers I loved. Such great art technique! And such gorgeous women they had in the 50s and 60s, curvy and with slim waists! (just like my beloved wife).

But there was a problem, the pics were either too small, or couldn’t get decent wallpapers of the full size covers because the book was a bitch to scan, being so heavy and thick, and I loathe taking a razor to it.

So having hit bottom, I started to dig. I searched the internet for pulp covers of those masters. And found your site.

From somebody that shares the same obsessive compulsive collecting disorder, I have to tell you that I can fully appreciate the work, no, the labour of love involved in finding all these wonderful pieces of art, collecting them, and sharing them.

I spent days, weeks going through the archives downloading images I liked. Frankly, a lot of the images are rubbish, but what to one is trash, to somebody else may be a treasure, so please keep posting indiscriminately, we all have our own tastes. You probably don’t share my unhealthy obsession with sharp things or things that spit hot pieces of metal and things that go boom.

I spent days arranging the images you posted, retouching them for better fit or improvement, and making collections for them. I use an old Webshots desktop application, wich was responsible for this  obsession with wallpapers. The sotfware allowed downloads of pretty photographs for wallpaper, and you could add your own images. It’s dated but it works, and allows me to manage my collections much better and has better settings than simply use Windows default screensaver.

So thanks to you, my wallpaper galleries have now about 3 Gigabytes in size, numbering eight thousand images in several dozen cathegories. As I said the pulp covers are a welcome break from the images of tanks, airplanes, warships, soldiers and battles.

It’s not just the pleasure of viewing the images when I am taking  a break, I switch on the screen saver and watch the paintings cycle on the screen for a few seconds, it’s just that the search for suitable images became an end to itself, I get a thrill when after hours of tedious internet search I stumble upon a source of good images. A gallery like this is a godsend. We are not worthy!

Come to think of it, if you are a god, then I would have to send you some offering more suitable than a mere cheque, but I am afraid that sacrificial virgins are in short supply nowadays.

In addition to the images you supply, the links you provide to other insane collectors like ourselves are very valuable. I bookmarked the 80s and 90s stuff site, and the Back in the Dungeon gallery. Even if the pics in itself are not good enough, they give a lead for finding other artists images.

Over the years of posting war paintings at forums I have become frustrated and bitter about the lack of recognition and appreciation from people. Seems only a few freaks have the artistic sensibility (or the shared bad taste) to appreciate them. I got very few rewards in return for my effort to disseminate these paintings. I thought that after so much effort, it would be a waste that those images would die with me, and I want to share them with more people than just a couple close friends.

Well, there really a lot of people interested in this stuff, judging by the thousand of views the paintings threads have. I was bitter that forum admins didn’t thank me for my contribution, but I no longer care about that. What kept me going was the encouragement and appreciation from some people that enjoyed my postings and thanked me. But alas, those faitfhul were few and far in between. Most people just click on the thread, download image and say nothing. No comments, not even a simple “thank you” message or “I liked this one”. Ungrateful bastards.

So eventually I got fed up and burned up with forums. I only got aggravation from them and no respect. And some subjects are exhausted after retrieving and posting every painting of that theme, from museum galleries to book scans to box art. I had only kept going for the past couple years by inertia, and because the forum served as a backup of my images. I have lost a lot of work a few times due to computer crashes, despite precautions and periodic backups. Now that imageshack killed my old accounts, I have given up totally in messageboards. Their loss not mine.

All this self pitying bitching and moaning is just to tell that if you ever feel unappreciated or get frustrated with posting the images in your blog, I know how you feel and want to know how much I value and appreciate your effort in this blog, and how thankful I am that you gathered all these pieces of art and preserved them for fellow enthusiasts and future generations.

With every cool painting you posted that I liked, you gave me a little pleasure and made my life a little happier, and for that, I give you a big heartfelt thank you. I am sure I am not the only one that feels the same.

Your example is also inspiring. I had posted my images in forums because it was easier. It never occurred to me that you could do a blog on illustration. I thought it was too much work, but everybody is doing it, so I can too.

Once more, thanks again for your effort, and I hope this letter made you smile and feel good.

Very best regards.


If you wonder about the name of this blog is because it’s an off topic gallery of  all the paintings that I like and are not war paintings. And “outer”, because is a nod to sci-fi B-movies that had the “from outer space” in the title

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