Adventures of my sketchbook, part ??? The scanner doesn’t like ringed books. 

Top: Line width got messed up on the troopers after my other pen ran out of ink. Remember kids, once you use a thicker line, you can’t go back to fix it (unless you do that in photochop). 

Below: What happens when I spend three days using different color gel pens and color drops. Clone troopers and Jedi, oh my. Um. Well, there’s a lot going on here, so I don’t blame you if you can just pick out a few faces here.

ugh yuck

those photoshopped nikes everywhere. Does no one know anything about how the designs will react with the leather or dying the leather or anything?! Oh wait wait I get it. You wanna just stick a really shitty sticker on the shoe? Yeah that sounds real pro. Nice job.