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James Gornell of Ormskirk, UK.

I met James just over a year and a half ago when he was working his first shift at the Aussie clothing store General Pants. For months after that I bumped into him around Sydney and he generously discounted all my clothes and shared his Sydney stories with me. He left Sydney a few months ago for South East Asia and he recently returned to the UK. Fate would have it that we bumped into each other on the streets of Liverpool outside Urban Outfitters, a shop almost identical to General Pants where we met in Sydney all that time ago.


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Chloe Beeler of Sydney, Australia.

Chloe is a student at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, and is working at her university’s bar. She has the most beautiful and infectious smile and the kindest demeanour, which is reflected in the faces of the many great friends and family she is surrounded by. One day Chloe hopes to become a tri-lingual speech pathologist for young children.


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Kate Carr of Sydney, Australia.

Kate Carr is known as Miss. Carr to most people; she’s a primary school teacher. Here she’s about to pick up her dog after it’s just spent a few nights at the vets - thanks to swallowing a sewing pin. Ouch. I asked what she did outside of work and she told me she’s involved in Roller Derby. Never heard of it I said. Apparently it’s where teams of women in a circular arena try to knock each other off their skates - pretty big in Australia, and there’s even a film made about it. Sound great. Dangerous, but great fun, she told me with a smile.


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Arooshi Gauba of New Delhi, India.

Arooshi has been in Australia since she was a 1 year old, so saying she’s from India is a little misleading… but anyway. Arooshi, or Roo, is a motion graphics designer, a photographer, a theatre goer, and she paints awesome paintings, on her iPad - with a brush!


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Gabi Levy of Bondi, Australia.

Gabi is studying to be a doctor, so she may well be saving your life in the future. She recently travelled for a year and was in Israel “when all that shit went down”, and surprisingly she felt quite safe, which is great. She’s pictured here in the Australian Museum where they were having some night entertainment in the form of Burlesque dancing, “build-your-own-voodoo-doll” and, Green Porno. Weird.


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Nguyet of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Nguyet is a street vendor of Ho Chi Minh who works close to the excellent Jade Emperor Pagoda and she was more than happy to be photographed as she went about arranging her produce. A few minutes after taking this photo we found a brilliant vegan street stall where a couple of locals showed us the proper way to eat and made us feel like true locals, minus the curious stares we’d get off most passers by. This was also taken on Vesākha, otherwise known as Buddha day, a day on which most Vietnamese put their meat eating habits aside and adopt a vegetarian diet, which I very much enjoyed.


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Terry Ayre of Long Eaton, UK.

Terry is a bit of a handy man; he made the beautiful dining table that sits in his house and he made the elegant chairs that sit around it. He carved and polished the cherry wood mantlepiece above his fireplace, and he designed and crafted the front door to his bungalow. He even built the house itself, which is an incredible feat as it’s just awesome. In Terry’s 67 years he’s been making all sorts of things big and small, from an amazing wooden toy truck he made for me as a child, to the window frames on my parent’s house. Terry has been married to his wife Jill for almost as long I’ve been alive and they’ve always seemed so happy, and ever so cute together. Terry taught me how to shake a hand properly; always very firm in his grip, he’s got finely tuned taste buds with a weakness for salt, and he’s got a great appreciation for both art and literature. He’s always been a man of stories and jokes and being in his company has always, and will always be a pleasure.


Update 17.3.13. Terry sadly but peacefully passed away from cancer today. He will be missed by many and always remembered.