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I love you check please art so much!! Can I request some fluffy nurseydex??

Nursey would so do this…. Dragging Dex to a photobooth and propose to him…… 

Sexy Rhett Moments

It’s no secret that I like making lists. And tonight I wanna list down all the moments when I was insanely ridiculously attracted to Rhett. Where he wasn’t cute or sweet, but downright sexy to me :D (Because that’s the kind of mood I’m in right now) And before anyone attacks me for objectifying him, please take a look at a previous list I made about all the reasons I love him <3

Sexy Rhett Moments:

  1. All the GMMs when he started with his hair down and then styled it up.
  2. Whenever he starts beating the strings of his guitar with his nails to play it rhythm style.
  3. That one time he talked about being angry with Jessie and expressing it to her for forgetting her purse somewhere.
  4. That one GMM where he flexed his muscles and that visual completely drowned whatever the heck Link was talking about.
  5. Every time he takes off his blindfolds and flashes his sexy squinty smile.
  6. That wink when he sips from his GMMug ;)
  7. When he stroked his beard in “How to kill a beard”
  8. When he stands up and you realise that the top of their desk barely grazes his knees. 
  9. That time when he had math written on his chest.
  10. When he almost told us off for not liking YouTube Red, like a strict teacher.
  11. When he had maple syrup poured on him, and looked utterly delicious.
  12. That time when he got out of the sensory deprivation tank with wet hair, and you know he’s naked.
  13. That time he impersonated Jeff Goldblum while Link told his proposal story.
  14. The photobooth part of “I am a thoughtful guy”.
  15. When he talked about going around the house in his underwear nailing and mounting things on walls, and then taking his wife out on a date.
  16. That time when he pretended to do complex mathematical calculations and designing an arch bridge.
  17. When he submerged himself in chicken noodle soup, and emerged and looked absolutely edible.
  18. That time he made out with several tacos.
  19. That time he yelled, “Get off of that cord Locke!” (BTS of Guacamole Song) like a strict daddy
  20. Whenever he wears a freaking suit.
  21. When he talked about making some videos for his wife, and Link was like “You really gonna talk about that?”
  22. When he played the saxophone in “What Women Want”
  23. Tooth Fairy Rhett.
  24. When he brought out the macaroni sculpture he made for Christy.
  25. His voice while singing “Sideburns that are not even” in the OCD song.
  26. The face he made while getting the Jessie tattoo.
  27. The face he made while admitting he liked the caviar cookie.
  28. That first episode with the baby beard (yes, the entire episode)
  29. When he ate a hundred million berries in the GMMore with Strawburry17.
  30. When he sat down flashing his freshly waxed chest at us.
  31. Whenever he says “I’m six foot seven”

I’m sure there are a million more moments, but my sleepy brain can’t think of any more right now. I guess I’ll be adding to this list every now and then :) And anyone reading this, feel free to add too :)


“Guy Proposes To His Unsuspecting Girlfriend In A Photo Booth”