Finallyyyyyyy…today Stefanie-san is going to give this photobook for Maokun…hope he like it..
Im so glad and happy when i saw the look of our photobook..i love the cover and the fanart too… 

Esp..when i saw the 2 pages of our local’s from Indonesia.. 

 Thank you so much Stefanie Rubin for all your hard works on this photobook project..and all the people who had send the pic to included into the photobook. And the person who had take their time in doing all the art and design for this photobook…thank you so much..I hope all our loves and regards for Mao are represented in this project..and for the introduction..

The introduction is written in Japanese, so here is the English version: 

“Dearest Mao,

Since you have decided to retire from the entertainment industry and pursue a new career, we, your international fans have thought long and hard what we could do to show you our love and support, something unique and special that will always make you remember us, just as much as we will always remember you. 


Therefore we decided to create this photo book for you. Fans from all over the world have contributed their pictures, fanart and messages to it. With this book we would like to express our deepest and sincerest gratitude to you for all the great moments we were allowed to experience because of you and we also would like to repay the kindness you showed us throughout the past six years. 


We hope that this collection of photos and messages, even though they are mostly in English, will bring a smile to your face whenever you look at it, provide you with encouragement and give you strength in times when you are faced with challenges or difficulties you need to overcome. 


Most of us might live far away from you, but no matter what the future holds in store for you, remember that you’ll always have our support and that our hearts are always with you.


For your future we would like to wish you health, success and the best of luck.

Follow your dreams without hesitation and never give up!”

credits to Stefanie-san.. :)


Breaking All The Rules: A cosplay photobook project (by gerodere)

Lets help her on her journey to share the love of cosplay to the world!

America needs Photobooks of all the amazing cosplays that cosplayers all over the U.S. invest their time to prepare for conventions!


Inuit Now

With just over two weeks to go, photographers Dennis Lehmann and Lasse Bak Mejlvang are using Kickstarter to fund a photobook project that they have been working on for the past year. The book, titled “Inuit Now”, documents what it means to be Inuit in Greenland today. Lehmann and Mejlvang set out to eradicate any media influenced perceptions of life in the massive country by traveling to two different areas of Greenland. By juxtaposing images of the traditional ways of life found in Tasiusaq with the rapidly growing youth culture in Greenland’s fastest growing city of Sisimiut, they have created a visually cohesive and intriguing collection of images covering countless elements of Greenland’s culture. They explain on their Kickstarter site, “‘Inuit Now’ is a long-term photography project aimed at documenting the undocumented; telling stories about modern-day Inuits. In recent years the Arctic region has drawn international attention due to the possible finding of natural resources. But while stories about oil fields, rising sea levels and mines have been plentiful, there has been almost no attention towards the region’s most important resource; the Inuits”.

Text by Canbra Hodsdon

(Originally written for Juxtapoz Magazine online)

by Krzysztof Racoń

from the ‘Rura’ series, you can  support Rura photobook crowdfunding campaign here:
Oh Ma Romeo Photobook

Buttercup has released the details for their 1st photobook project “Oh Ma Romeo”. We encourage your interest and support. Please read all details carefully before purchasing.

Photobook Details:

  • A4 size
  • 200± pages
  • All color

Preorder Gifts:

  • Mini DVD  (1 disk, running time n/a)

General Gifts:

  • A2 poster(A.ver)
  • 30 photocards
  • Polaroid set
  • Fanart sticker,
  • Electromagnetic wave blocking sticker
  • A2 poster(B.ver)
  • 3 transparent photocards
  • Mini photobook


  • Preorders are May 9th to June 6th
  • General orders end on July 15th
  • Shipping expected in early August


  • 38 USD + EMS


  • kookmin bank : 058-102-04-125-045 ㅅㅇㄴ
  • PayPal :

***When using PayPal make sure you pay the fees by checking the “I will pay the fee” button.

***After deposits have been make leave your information on the Sale Board

***Questions will be taken through


Visiting Speaker: Thijs Wassink

Thijs Wassink, a photographer part of the group WassinkLundgren with Ruben Lundgren, came to discuss his photographic practices and previous works, film projects, photobooks and History of Photobooks

Wassink told us of the differing thought processes that can guide him, anywhere from the absolute simplest thought process as focusing on the trees in a city to pre-planned and more complex projects that require great travelling. However, the themes he explored often had a number of concurrent themes, whether on an analysis on the role of the environment in a certain place or way to those who occupied the environments, and their emotions. An exploration of everyday occurrences through visual metamorphosis with the camera is a signifier of the work of Wassink and Lundgren; these themes are explored across samples of western and eastern culture (London and Beijing respectively).

While I found some of his work very interesting (it is hard not to be somewhat intoxicated by images of new environments, particularly those of eastern cultures, from a western point of view), what I took particular attention to were two things; his work with photobook formats, and the travel aspect. It serves as a reminder of the scale and extent of influence that photography has, how its shifts and how it can be used. While I liked his photographic images, they were amplified when presented in book format, as to me it effectively finalises and validates them as physical copies. This is significant, as I am currently at a time when I am personally evaluating the extent at which I wish digital technology to play a part.