THE HO’S was such an amazing person so dedicated to sharing the joy Hoseok brings her with the world she was present at such a multitude of events all around the world, constantly sent her support to him through mentions, always cared for and loved him to such an incredible extent.

I’ve just been looking through her profile and photos so overwhelmed she was so kind and compassionate and captured so so many beautiful moments of him that constitute such amazing memories for me and his fans everywhere. I will truly always be grateful for how she was able to brighten our world through her work and my prayers and deepest condolences go to her loved ones .

And if you guys haven’t seen here is her twitter where her family will be carrying on the photobook project she launched for Hoseok’s birthday next year.

anonymous asked:

any: to everyone who knows what happened to fansite-nim (THEHO218 on twitter), please do not hashtag anything about her death or intentionally mention the boys. according to her friend, it was her last wish to not let the boys know of her passing. my heart hurts as i type this but let's remember her in our hearts and remember the boys gained a guardian angel that is alway watching them from the above, protecting them. rest in peace, 더호쓰-딤. you will never be forgotten. -happy virus anon

also, if you can afford it, support her first and last photobook/project, it’s called “FOR REAL”. her family is helping her to create it. thank you so much. - happy virus anon

Hey happy virus anon. Yeah i heard the news right when I got home. She’s all over my twitter feed right now. It appears she was a beautiful soul who was very beloved in the ARMY community. I was actually just looking through her fantaken photos of Hobi and she gifted us with so many gorgeous images of our Sunshine boy.

She dedicated a lot of her time and put a lot of love into these photos so I’ll queue up a bunch of her shots for you all to appreciate.

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‘We MADE It’ is a 46 minute documentary film reflecting honest international V.I.Ps’ thoughts and feelings about BIGBANG’s monumental 10th anniversary. Created by fans, the film was made to not only look back at the Korean pop sensation’s history, but to provide a bittersweet, yet uplifting message to the fans and the band.

This film is a part of a collaboration project between vip-net and BIGBANG MALAYSIA for the #BIGBANGphotobook, a fan created book filled with heartwarming and encouraging messages. The film is accompanying the book and will be given to the band at their 10th anniversary concert in Seoul.

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Hello everyone! We are very elated to hear positive responses from the VIP fandom about this project. We’re just as excited as you are, and want this project to be a success. Below are more details regarding the project, as well as how you can contribute and/or be a part of it!

Want to be a part of the team? Please check out this post.

For updates, please follow us here or on Twitter (@ot5project16)! To help spread the word, please reblog this post or use the hashtag #BIGBANGPhotobook and mention us! 

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Finallyyyyyyy…today Stefanie-san is going to give this photobook for Maokun…hope he like it..
Im so glad and happy when i saw the look of our photobook..i love the cover and the fanart too… 

External image

Esp..when i saw the 2 pages of our local’s from Indonesia.. 

External image

 Thank you so much Stefanie Rubin for all your hard works on this photobook project..and all the people who had send the pic to included into the photobook. And the person who had take their time in doing all the art and design for this photobook…thank you so much..I hope all our loves and regards for Mao are represented in this project..and for the introduction..

The introduction is written in Japanese, so here is the English version: 

“Dearest Mao,

Since you have decided to retire from the entertainment industry and pursue a new career, we, your international fans have thought long and hard what we could do to show you our love and support, something unique and special that will always make you remember us, just as much as we will always remember you. 


Therefore we decided to create this photo book for you. Fans from all over the world have contributed their pictures, fanart and messages to it. With this book we would like to express our deepest and sincerest gratitude to you for all the great moments we were allowed to experience because of you and we also would like to repay the kindness you showed us throughout the past six years. 


We hope that this collection of photos and messages, even though they are mostly in English, will bring a smile to your face whenever you look at it, provide you with encouragement and give you strength in times when you are faced with challenges or difficulties you need to overcome. 


Most of us might live far away from you, but no matter what the future holds in store for you, remember that you’ll always have our support and that our hearts are always with you.


For your future we would like to wish you health, success and the best of luck.

Follow your dreams without hesitation and never give up!”

External image
External image
External image
External image
External image
External image

credits to Stefanie-san.. :)


[#BIGBANGphotobook EVENT] WE MADE IT public screening

We will be showing our documentary film via Rabbit on August 7th starting at 10PM EST! Since only allows up to 25 people per room, we will be screening the film a few times on the same day. After the last screening, we will publish the video publicly for everyone to watch on their free time.

See you there, VIPs!

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My SilverLining’s Bitter Sweet Photobook & DVD has safely arrived. After few months of waiting finally it’s here. Gosh, I’m so happy because I never thought that the photobook will be so thick full with my sunshine photos. Photocards, poster & the socks are all so beautiful and cute. Totally worth it. Love it love it~