Finallyyyyyyy…today Stefanie-san is going to give this photobook for Maokun…hope he like it..
Im so glad and happy when i saw the look of our photobook..i love the cover and the fanart too… 

External image

Esp..when i saw the 2 pages of our local’s from Indonesia.. 

External image

 Thank you so much Stefanie Rubin for all your hard works on this photobook project..and all the people who had send the pic to included into the photobook. And the person who had take their time in doing all the art and design for this photobook…thank you so much..I hope all our loves and regards for Mao are represented in this project..and for the introduction..

The introduction is written in Japanese, so here is the English version: 

“Dearest Mao,

Since you have decided to retire from the entertainment industry and pursue a new career, we, your international fans have thought long and hard what we could do to show you our love and support, something unique and special that will always make you remember us, just as much as we will always remember you. 


Therefore we decided to create this photo book for you. Fans from all over the world have contributed their pictures, fanart and messages to it. With this book we would like to express our deepest and sincerest gratitude to you for all the great moments we were allowed to experience because of you and we also would like to repay the kindness you showed us throughout the past six years. 


We hope that this collection of photos and messages, even though they are mostly in English, will bring a smile to your face whenever you look at it, provide you with encouragement and give you strength in times when you are faced with challenges or difficulties you need to overcome. 


Most of us might live far away from you, but no matter what the future holds in store for you, remember that you’ll always have our support and that our hearts are always with you.


For your future we would like to wish you health, success and the best of luck.

Follow your dreams without hesitation and never give up!”

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credits to Stefanie-san.. :)

[#BIGBANGphotobook update] The photobook is now in Seoul!

With the additional help of GD Malaysia, the photobook is now ready to be given to the boys at their 10th anniversary concert! We could not complete this project without the help of over 300 VIPs, including fanartists, photobook designers, translators, donors, video editors and also the wonderful 260+ VIPs who have filled all 104 pages with supporting messages to the boys. We also could not have done this project without the hundreds of VIPs who helped spread the word about this project and our equally as beautiful BIGBANG MALAYSIA for collaborating with us. While we are still a relatively small and growing network, we aim to coordinate more of these projects in the future, so don’t fret if you were unable to be a part of this! We will try to update one last time at the day of the concert, but other than that, thank you so much for your guys’ tremendous support! 💖

Other links
We MADE It film
Project details


I’m thrilled to announce that my photobook of the images from this series is now finally available for purchase. Thanks so much for your patience. I know it’s been a long wait! I’ve made the book available in 3 sizes via Blurb. Almost every photo has been included in the book & at more than 180 pages long, it’s quite a read! I’ve decided to sell the books at cost price (they don’t come cheap unfortunately) so if you decide to make a purchase, in keeping with the not for profit nature of this project, perhaps you could also consider making a donation to a charity of your choice. There’s a link below that will direct you to a preview of the books. I will also add a snapstory & instagram story later today with more details. Please email me if you have any questions. Thanks again for your ongoing support & interest. Blessed be. 🌙

[#BIGBANGphotobook updates] The final photobook whereabouts & WE MADE IT was taken down

We promised that we would provide updates on the book until it’s finally given to the concert staff. Although our friend couldn’t take a photo of it, she confirmed that the book was given to the concert staff.

In addition, we also got tragic news about the documentary film. Originally when it was posted, we got a copyright claim from YG for posting the full EMA clip. We filed a dispute in hopes it’ll stay up, but it was taken down earlier today. We’re extremely distraught because we had given this link to the boys in case of the DVD won’t play, but thank you to the 3.4k VIPs who saw the movie while it was up! We will attempt to repost it on another platform within the next day.



recently @astrofantastic‘s photobook project and @astromembersnet‘s fanbook project were delivered together. 

In the photobook project it’s me my face and my favorite drawing of rocky

In the fanbook project i included that same photo just in black and white

they’ll probably be looking at the two projects at the same time bc they are being delivered together. there’s a possibility of one of them seeing it and making the connection that it’s the same photo. my name comes with both of them so @ astro please notice. 

My Little Snowflake Photobook

Xiumonday has released the information for their 1st photobook project “My Little Snowflake”. We encourage your interest and support. Please read through all the details carefully before making a purchase. If there are any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to ask.


  • 160p
  • A4 size
  • All color
  • Soft cover
  • Released and unreleased photos


  • Preorder gifts - photo party flags
  • General gifts - A2 poster, postcard set, photo card set, hand mirror


  • Preorder - August 6th to August 31st
  • General Payment - September 1st to September 4th
  • Shipping - November


  • 1 set - 33 USD + EMS

***For EMS information, email


***Please remember to be responsible for extra PayPal fees
***After payment, please fill out the order form located on the “Order” board

Other Information:

  • Goods and gifts are subject to change
  • No refunds or returns
  • If your address or other information is wrong you must be responsible for return and delivery fees
  • Any questions please email
  • Group orders are available, please check twitter for more information