THE HO’S, a Hoseok fansite, has passed away due to a cerebral hemmorhage

While I will not be translating the full post, I wanted to let ARMYs beyond Twitter what has happened…

Her sister uploaded a statement saying that it has been a while since THE HO’S has passed away because her family needed time to handle the issue, but she wanted to let fans know of what has happened to THE HO’S,

It is not stated specifically when this occurred, but she collapsed due to a cerebral hemorrhage and was later announced brain dead. It was also stated that she previously had not had health issues and that this was a sudden event.

According to her own wishes, she has donated her organs to two individuals and has saved their lives. 

Her fansite friends said the last message they received from her was “What would be a good present to give to Hoseok for his birthday?” They all said that she always put others and Hoseok before herself and was always smiling. Truly an angelic human being.

As she had launched a photobook project, her first and last photobook, her sister and family will be carrying on the project as they know how hard she worked and how excited she was for this project.

Please make sure to send messages to her account @THEHO218 on Twitter. Even just a few words of “Rest in peace” or other words of condolence would mean a lot, especially as her sister is still running the fansite for her.

She always uploaded such beautiful pictures of Hoseok for ARMYs and wanted to share her love for Hoseok and BTS with us. I am always grateful for her and will never forget her. I hope that she is in a better place now. Thank you, THE HO’s, for all of your hard work. May you rest in peace. 

- Kylie


Comic Market Day 1(201612/29) “東マ-23b” Circle veronica will distribute a summary photograph collection of Toho taken this year in Japan and China. Square 32p 1000 yen. It was hot and cold this year, but I tried putting together what I thought was a nice view. Thank you very much!



On twitter last month, I had tweeted out a possible idea about making a gift for Tetsuya Nomura for Kingdom Hearts 15th anniversary and now with people on board, I can spread this project to Tumblr.

So long story short, my work can make photo books and I decided to use that as the main gift for him filled with your artwork, cosplay photos,  thank you or congratulatory messages to him. You can even submit a photo of something KH related that you cherish or even a short story of how much KH means to you.

I want us to thank Nomura for all his hard work he’s done for the series and show we appreciate everything.

In the two images above, the one on the left is the outline for the photo book project and the image on the right is the example book my work showed me in how it can look.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to message me on here or send me an email or contact me on twitter!