bookends: matching scenes at the beginning and end of a story, often to show how things have changed through the course of the series, or to demonstrate that they haven’t changed at all.


Nino photobombing like a pro😎

Comic based on this post and suggested by @my-lady-noir:)

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Miraculous Ladybug headcanon - Photobombing Heroes

Imagine if:

- Chat Noir takes up the habit to photobomb random tourist’s pictures whenever he gets the opportunity

- When Ladybug asks why he just grins and says “Imagine their faces when they see it!”

- Ladybug can’t argue with that. So she joins in.

- Sometimes they pose in the pictures, sometimes they pretend they just happen to be there, sitting at the next table at a cafe, standing at a bus stop, you name it.

- It becomes one of those things all the locals know, but they don’t tell. If you see teenage superheroes staking out a group of tourists who are taking pictures, don’t call them out.

- Nino starts a blog where he collects the pictures.

- Alya is super annoyed that it gets enough hits to rival Ladyblog.

Feel free to adopt this headcanon and use it as you please.


Prompto’s Photos, chronologically - 54/?