Tummy Ache and Lee Pace...

Okay…so I’m lying down with massive tummy ache. So I go on Pinterest because TKWR Trilogy gets posted a lot under Tolkien, LOTR or the Hobbit..go and see this (for demonstration purposes only–don’t have a cow man):

Awww..lots of cute kittens….right in the middle of them:

Wait, what? Hold on–why is he in a mountain of kittens picked for me…??? More kittens for some time… @peonies-and-poppies (warning–food)

Ooo..I’m thinking recipes or something..some adorable kitties…

Dude..what tha…??? Does Pinterest have ADD? Get on Ritalin or something….

Right…back to, uh…somewhat normal…

I give up. I’m getting photobombed by Lee Pace on Pinterest now, @fortunatelyclevercandy, @littletesla, @leepacesweetfantasy. Really. I look for Prince, Lee Pace shows up. I look for cats…Lee Pace shows up. I look for pie recipes..

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Shut up. Just shut up…I want my donut NOW.

He’s going to be the death of me (if not for the medication)…

Things Benedict Cumberbatch did that we will (probably) never get to do:

Photobomb U2 at the Oscars red carpet just for LOLs

Recite poetry at a 500-year-old dead king’s funeral (whom he also happens to be distantly related to)

Play ping-pong with the brilliant Deng Yaping

Perform Comfortably Numb with David Gilmore at the Royal Albert Hall

Say ‘Fuck the politicians!’ to a crowd of over 1000 people who came to watch him play Hamlet

Become a Marvel superhero at the insistence of Kevin Feige 

Basically ben c wins at life

Backlash erupts over Tim Burton's defence of white cast in Miss Peregrine

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With diversity in the movies still its hottest topic, Tim Burton has been grilled on why his latest movie, ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’, features almost entirely white actors.

Aside from the inclusion of Samuel L. Jackson as the villain character Barron, the casting is notable for its lack of diversity.

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Asked about the move, Burton told Bustle: “Nowadays, people are talking about it more.

“Things either call for things, or they don’t. I remember back when I was a child watching ‘The Brady Bunch’ and they started to get all politically correct. Like, OK, let’s have an Asian child and a black.

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“I used to get more offended by that than just… I grew up watching blaxploitation movies, right?

“And I said, that’s great. I didn’t go like, OK, there should be more white people in these movies.”

Now a backlash has erupted over his comments, many calling out the director for his excuses.

To be fair, Tim Burton usually only casts the same three people over and over again, so he’s not even diverse in the white people he hires.

— Valentina Cano (@valca85) September 29, 2016

No one is asking #TimBurton to force diversity into his movies but the mere fact that he can’t picture a diverse cast w/o it being forced? ????

— Kyra Sims (@lilymischief) September 30, 2016

For Tim Burton, diversity is casting someone besides Johnny Depp.

— Ben Schwartz (@benschwartzy) September 30, 2016

Did we really expect Tim Burton to be supportive of Hollywood diversity when he put these Ku Klux Kids in #MissPeregrines?

— Hanna Flint (@HannaFlint) September 30, 2016

Tim Burton has an incredible diversity record. Actors in his films range from alabaster to porcelain

— Julie Klausner (@julieklausner) September 29, 2016

yes Tim Burton you are right political correctness destroyed the high quality television program The Brady Bunch

— Saladin Ahmed (@saladinahmed) September 30, 2016

Others were less sympathetic, however:

Oh look, people are upset that Tim Burton doesn’t forcibly insert racial stereotypes into his films just to pander to millenials.

— Pepe the Frog (@YTM1staWu1fy) September 29, 2016

All Tim burton is saying is that he hires people and likes people for their talent, not just because they’re a certain race

— *which witch* (@BadMonkeysClub) September 29, 2016

Just to make things additionally awkward, Jackson was also asked about what he thought of the racial profile of the film, admitting that he had ‘noticed it’.

“I had to go back in my head and go, how many black characters have been in Tim Burton movies?” Jackson added.

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“And I may have been the first, I don’t know, or the most prominent in that particular way, but it happens the way it happens.

“I don’t think it’s any fault of his or his method of storytelling, it’s just how it’s played out. Tim’s a really great guy.”

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Jackson and Burton’s detractors have a point, however. There is a distinct lack of the non-caucasian in Burton’s 36 movies, with Jackson as the first black man in one of his leading roles.

Elsewhere, Billy Dee Williams played Harvey Dent in ‘Batman’, while Michael Clarke Duncan was Colonel Attar in his take on ‘Planet of the Apes’, but both were supporting roles.

Image credits: Fox/PA


“…[This] text never happened and the couple isn’t named Roger and Kirsten.

But don’t worry! The photo is real. The couple is Amy and Ian and they got married in Detroit….” Ryan Broderick, BuzzFeed

“Amy and Ian Hicks saw their unique wedding photo and the story about it everywhere… — in People magazine, the New York Post, the Daily Mail and of course on Reddit, where the tale went viral….

It just didn’t happen. ‘I really wish they knew the real story,’ Amy Hicks said in an interview with The Washington Post. ‘It’s amazing how many legitimate news publications will post anything online.’

No publication called them to get the real story, they said….

…Amy, 25, and Ian Hicks, 28, live in Washington, D.C, where she works in government relations and he works in sales for a furniture manufacturer. Their wedding took place in Detroit because Amy is from Michigan….” Kiratiana Freelon, The Washington Post

“…Their wedding photographer, Adam Sparkes, told BuzzFeed he watched his photo go viral, but figured it would sort itself out. After Elite Daily ran with it, though, the whole thing completely exploded on Facebook.

Sparkes tried to set the record straight in the comments section of Elite Daily but it got buried on Facebook.

The real story is that Amy and Ian went to a local abandoned spot in Detroit to shoot some street photos when they stumbled across the rap group 7262 shooting a video…

…And then 7262 invited them into the shoot….” Ryan Broderick, BuzzFeed

“…The truth of how this photograph came to be is way better than what the comical, albeit borderline racist, internet fiction suggests…. I [talked] with Detroit based wedding photographer Adam Sparkes about the real story that led to this internet sensation. 

Adam told me he had a really busy day with his wedding clients, Amy and Ian, that day in Detroit: ‘There was a Tigers game that had the theater district really tied up, so the bride and groom thought it would be a fun idea to go over to the remains of Michigan Central Station….

…As the group of them drove around town in a trolley, they took it down Michigan Avenue to the Central Station where they happened upon a large group of young guys filming a video. ‘They had a tricked out Monte Carlo and a Cutlass and were in full music video mode,’ he told me. Adam had his group take some photographs on the other side by some planter boxes, but the group making the video noticed them.

‘I asked the groom if he wanted to be famous, and jokingly we yelled, ‘Hey we’re going to be in your video!’ The guys were all laughing and told us to come on over, so we did.’ Who wouldn’t take advantage of such a golden moment? The wedding party danced and posed with the guys and had an amazing time together in a spontaneous moment of carefree fun….” Aaron Brown, Fstoppers

“…You can watch Amy and Ian and their bridal party absolutely crushing it in the video here:

“…So, while the we still coming text might have been a hoax, luckily the real story is just as amazing.”  Ryan Broderick, BuzzFeed

Photos by Adam Sparkes

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