Stiles And Hales

I just realized something… Stiles has a thing for Hales, doesn’t he?

I mean, he’s literally dating one right now.

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And he kinda went really well with Cora too, right? They even kissed and all. Kinda.

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But let’s not forget the best one of them all :D

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Imagine: Being Isaac’s sibling who’s just a little bit taller than him, and always making fun of him when he can’t reach things but you can. [x]

Isaac: Who put my cereal on the top shelf?
Y/N: That may or may not have been me.. *smirks* Why? What’s the problem?
Isaac: *scowls at you* You know the problem! I can’t bloody reach my cereal! *pauses* So, will you get it?
Y/N: I don’t know.. It’d be much more fun to watch you struggling to get it yourself.
Isaac: I’ll go ask someone else then.
Y/N: You do that, short ass.

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Hello! I wanted to ask about the Name of a fanfiction. Dan is mute and his father is a police officer. Phil is new at school, and I think he was emo or punk. I don't remember the other things sorry!

SoundlessPhil Lester moves to town and attends a school full of cliques. He doesn’t see his life going anywhere until he somehow manages to befriend the mute kid in school. Now he’s beginning to learn that life can take you anywhere, and is full of friends in unlikely places. But in the wake of a tragedy, Phil must learn to understand not just words, but actions. Because sometimes, the loudest cry for help can be soundless.

- Emily

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‘a moment of weakness’ (any of my muses you want)

18. My muse is been beaten badly and is in bad shape, yours finds mine in this state. (//I’ll go with Deuce)

Isabelle could barely move. She lay curled up on the cracked asphalt of an alleyway where her father had simply abandoned her, and each sob sent fresh pain through her battered body. She wasn’t sure what she had done wrong this time, but whatever it was, she would certainly hear about it again when she got home…If she managed to make it home.

She drew in a deep breath that felt as though it set her broken ribs on fire and tried to compose herself. She knew she was vulnerable if she stayed out here. She had to move and find her way home, but all her fear returned again when she saw someone approaching through the tears that blurred her eyes. “St-stay away from me…”

You’re just an ordinary teenager. You gossip and laugh and do things you immediately regret. Your entire life is a constant trial and error as you fuck up and learn from your mistakes. You’re young and you have your whole life ahead of you; plenty of time to grow as an individual and mature. You are a blank slate.

He’s unreachable.He makes jokes and makes you laugh and says things you’d never have the guts to say. You watch him from your dim light phone screen when you should be sleeping. You promise yourself one more video and then you’ll call it a night. You keep your word and after the video ends up close the YouTube application only to find yourself browsing his forum.You know the possibility of him recognizing you out of all of his fans is unlikely. You are just an ordinary teenager and he is unreachable. 

But one day the impossible happens. He responds to you. Yes, you, ordinary teenage girl. You are giddy and star struck and drop nearly everything to have conversations with this man you hold upon a pedestal. He doesn’t see you as ordinary or immature. His compliments are smooth and you are too caught up in this fairy tale to notice that he is only saying everything you want to hear.. This moment was everything you dreamed of. 

Everything goes faster than you expected. It’s like you’re watching from an outside perspective as your wedding, honeymoon, and first child flashes before your eyes. You are pampered and envied by all of his fans. You are now unreachable. Sometimes you tell yourself this is too good to be true and it’s only a matter of time until you realize the truth in those words.

You are warned repeatedly of the danger you’ve put yourself in. You scoff as if you haven’t already been to high school and are unaware of how easily it is to make up a rumor. These people are just haters, fans who went unnoticed, whose jealousy overcome their reasoning. You shrug off everyone’s attempts at helping you. 

Time passes and things get rocky. You realize that this isn’t the man you watched from the comfort of your home late at night. This man has painted your blank canvas into the person he always dreamed. You were just an ordinary teenager, still young and naive, molded into a carbon copy of him. You don’t know who you are anymore. Those who worried for your safety have now turned on you, proving all along that they were only haters and never cared for your best interest. Though you two may have your rough times you push through it because love isn’t easy and it is your fault after all. That’s what he said, right? That’s the picture he painted. It’s only a matter of time before you believe it yourself.

Life is changing as another grows inside you. You bring beauty into this world despite the ugly truths he keeps slinging at you. You discover that the warnings may not have just been rumors but you feel as if these two precious souls are enough to stay together. Besides, who are you without him? You’ve become so codependent that you’re not quite sure how to survive on your own. You have no life experience and you are unsure of your own name. This God promised you forever and now he is throwing you into a flood. 

You should have known better. You should have listened. You shouldn’t have let yourself get abused. 

Isn’t that what they’re all saying now? It must be true. So you take a step back and give him what he wants. Sex? You’re ready. Blindly follow? You’re a proud sheep. A new toy? You’ve already called up the store. 

You pick out a new model and you bring it home to him. He looks you in the eye and tells you “she’s for you” over and over until you believe it. But you can’t get that look of hunger whenever he sees her out of your mind. The haters said this would happen. History always repeats itself. 

How long will you be painted the enemy? How long will people look past the facts? Will he bury you like all the rest? 

It’s your choice whether you let him push you down and break you like he did all those before you. 

It’s your choice whether you stand up and push back.

*TW* I feel trapped in my own head. I can’t find the words to say how i feel, but it’s all taking too much space in my brain. It needs to come out but i can’t express myself. And apparently, my brain’s only solution to this is that i should just die. I’m safe but, ugh. I really need to get all this stuff out of my head.


Imagine: Being Stiles’ sibling and telling him you’re dating Jackson. [x] [x]

Stiles: Jackson? You’re dating Jackson?! 
Y/N: Ur.. Yes. But, Stiles, you have to understand that-
Stiles: -Understand what? That he’s somehow magically become less of an ass and is a genuinely nice person?
Y/N: Yes? Look, you don’t need to understand it… I just need you to know I like him and we’re together.
Jackson: Y/N! Hey babe. *kisses you on the cheek* Stiles. *smiles*
Stiles: D-did you just smile? At me?

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