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So basically I’m just bombing my brain with Royal Pirates and their perfect American English sexiness :P This is an interview on Super K-Pop with DJ Stephanie from CSJH The Grace (I kinda miss Sam…)!

What are random things I dig out from this refreshing conversation?
1. Moon doesn’t like fishy foods. He still eats sushi as long as it’s not fishy hahaha (I’ll eat the fish for you, I eat fish)
2. James and Sooyoon pretty much eat anything. James ate canned tuna earlier before they did this interview (random info but I ate canned tuna often too when I lived alone)
3. Sooyoon is the messiest because he likes to throw his clothes around and decides one day when he will clean everything. But he makes sure that the house doesn’t smell bad because he dislikes bad smells.
4. Sooyoon is good at cooking with leftover foods, and once he made 떡볶이 (Ddeokbokki/rice cakes) for Moon and Moon says it was nice, except that it was too bland for him who likes salty and spicy foods (Okay so far I have noted three similarities between me and Moon… *running away from other fans’ glare*)
5. James’ most special person is his mom, he misses her so much! :3
6. Sooyoon eats chocolate and goes to sleep when he feels down and Moon plays with his dog 
7. If other members are girls, Moon would date Sooyoon because he’s beautiful inside and has blonde hair hahahaha. But Sooyoon picks James, whom James reciprocates because Sooyoon doesn’t eat as much as Moon hahahaha xD
8. James is close to f(x)’s Amber because RP’s manager used to work with f(x)
9. Moon wants to have psychic superpower because he wants to control everybody (just like me who wants to have mind reading power haha), Sooyoon wants to time travel and James wants to flyyyy ~
10. Moon, James and Sooyoon choose bungee jump over roller-coaster because they never try it.
11. Ideal types: James wants a girl who’s both cute and sexy (and he apparently watches too many dramasss haha), Moon wants a girl who’s hard to get (okay okay I get it) and Sooyoon wants a girl who’s innocent and playful (me! me! hahaha)
12. “See What I See” is a song they first wrote together after moving to Korea, talking about encouragement to people who don’t see the potential in themselves :)

The last 3 minutes of the video is EPIC. You have to watch it by yourself :P

LC9 Fun Facts


King was called Udong when he was younger

Ao was called Puuh, because he was chubby


They think that:

Jun is the most handsome member.

Rasa is the stingiest one.

King is the best cook.

They all say, that the nicest member is Ao.

And the strictest one are Rasa and E.den

But E.den thinks of himself, that he’s one of the funny ones

They like to try a “cute concept” once.

King thinks that he is the cutest. lol

They had differences at the beginning to get confortable with each other, but now they’re like siblings.

Rasa said Ao reminds him of a Zombie, because he watched World War Z yesterday.

Ao said that King reminds him of a sphinx.

King said that J-Hyo reminds him of a chicken, because J-Hyo loves chicken and he goes crazy of it.

J-Hyo said that he just think “Woah, good looking”, when he sees Jun.

Jun said that E.den reminds him of coffee, because E.den loves to drink Americano everyday.

E.den said that he think “Woah, great leader and great rapping skills” when he sees Rasa.“

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[INFO] HIGH4's Alex will fill in as the DJ for SuperKPOP!

Date: October 9th
Air time: 4-6PM KST (adjust to your own timezone)

This isn’t a drill!!! If you would like to send in a message for him to read during the live broadcast, but unsure how to do so: here is a tutorial that I created awhile back! Hopefully it’s still useful :D! If you need any assistance, just message me here anytime before he comes on~


[VIDEO] 130923 LUNAFLY Shoot on Super Kpop

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BRAVE Family! #빅스타 와 함께한 특별한 목요일!😄 너무 즐거웠습니다~방송내내 유쾌한 에너지를 폭발시키던 다섯..아니 여섯남자ㅋㅋ 또 놀러와주세요😉💕 챙겨주신 간식도 잘 먹었어요🍩 감사해요! 

BRAVE Family! A special Thursday together with #BIGSTAR!😄 It was really fun~The broadcast exploded with the pleasant energy of five.. No, six menㅋㅋ Please come to play again😉💕 We ate well the packed snacks too 🍩 Thank you! 


150819 Super Kpop Special Interview with Alex of High4
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[VIDEO] 130916 LUNAFLY Shoot on Super Kpop

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