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8 years since this idiot debuted. I’ve only known about Super Junior for a few months but he became my reason to be happy; I know it’s so cheesy and pathetic but it’s true. His sharp tongue and evil games make me laugh and it cheers me up when I feel sad down and upset. He’s perfect literally. I’m so happy that he survived that terrible accident years ago and even though I didn’t know SJ back then I cried so so much when I watched a video about it. I cried so much when they did a prank on EHB and he started crying. I wish him the best and I hope that he’s been happy for these 8 years with the rest of the 14 idiots.

I’ll always stand by his side and I hope he is always happy in life. In my opinion he deserves it so much. I already made a post yesterday but I wanted to do one with some photos because to be honest he’s special to me. Everyone has that one idol who they love so so much and for me it’s Kyuhyun. Adorable evil Cho Kyuhyun with that perfect smile.

사랑해 Kyuhyun! I hope you never have a reason to stop smiling ♥️♥️

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Detailed car sex with super juniors Eunhyuk please! but with donghae please.

“Go and get in the backseat” Donghae tells me and I just stay in the passenger seat with my arms crossed.

“You really want to have sex in the?” I question and he just nods his head while having a stupid smile on his face.

I eye him then just sigh “Okay lets do this” I say and then I crawl in the back seat with Donghae following right behind me.

As soon as we get comfortable in the backseat Donghae leans in kissing my lips. He starts out slow as his hand caresses my cheek. He leans in a little more causing me to lay down on the seat. Donghae is now on top of me and grinding his hardening dick against me. We both moan into the kiss and that’s when he slides his tongue inside my mouth. His tongue explores my mouth and his hands start to explore. They slide up my shirt and go straight to my breasts. He pulls down my bra so it isn’t covering my breasts anymore and he begins to massage them. His fingers graze over my nipples and that’s when he breaks the kiss. He pulls off my shirt, throwing it in the front seat then gets back to work. His mouth goes straight to me nipple, swirling his tongue around it and occasionally sucking on it while his other hand keeps massaging the other breast. I moan out as I look around the car and notice that all the windows are now fogged up, really hoping that no one is around to see our car right now.

Donghae switches breasts and does the same thing for a little bit longer.

He sits up once he removes his mouth from my nipple and he starts removing his clothes. As he starts removing his shirt he hits his hand on the roof of the car

“Ow” he whines a little and rubs his hand. He then just ignores it and continues undressing. He has to move a little more to take off his pants and it kind of look likes he is having some difficulty.

“Are you going to help me?” He questions and I just shake my head.

“It’s kind of fun to see you struggle” I giggle and he just huffs at me as he finally get his pants and boxers off, but hits his head on the window

“Damn that one hurt” he groans

I just laugh and sit up. I rub where he hit his head “Are you okay?”

He nods then pushes me back down, but as I go back down I hit my head against the seatbelt buckle “Ow” I pout and look up at him.

“Oh you’re okay” He says as he starts to remove my pants with my help.

“Next time we are not doing this in the car” I say as I glare at him.

“Yes ma’am” He smirks as we finally get my jeans and underwear off.

He positions his dick right at my entrance and slowly pushes it in. I arch my back at the feeling of him entering me. He leans down kissing my lips softly as he starts to roll his hips slowly. I can already feel the car starting to shake, but I don’t really mind as we keep going.


Hope you like it~!


back to school with super junior

to everyone who is about to go back or has already gone back to school, study hard, make new friends, try different things, set goals, don’t stress, and remember: “eat well, sleep well, do well, what more is there?” have a great year!