The map hanging on the wall was crisscrossed with notes and pins, entire areas marked with Xs or circled in red. Sylvain knew every mark by heart—had made them himself—but still spent far too much time staring at the map’s worn surface.

For ten years he’d been searching—consulting oracles, casting location spells, hiring investigators. For ten years he’d made no progress. It was as if his sister had vanished from the realm.

He realized the sun was rising; his office was growing light. Another night had passed with no result. With a sigh, Sylvain stood, stretching stiffened muscles, and spoke her name.


((The cluttered office-of-brooding is finished, except for one or two small pieces! YAY!))


update: not dead

have been playing a lot of FFXV, and let me tell you, it is fresh

like for real i’d almost forgotten what it felt like to genuinely enjoy a brand new Final Fantasy game with no reservations whatsoever

it isn’t perfect, but bearing in mind that i’ve been stuck in Dirge of Cerberus Hell the last year or so, it’s like my own little slice of paradise

sidenote: why the food in this game look so good

Over-analyzing screenshots: Flashpoint edition

Why are there three active oxygen meters and only one oxygen delivery device? Why are they all set to “0 Liters”? Why are two of them coded as medical vacuum (white nibs) when they’re clearly oxygen/medical air meters and hooked up to oxygen tubing? Why is the call light not plugged in (blue panel)?

Just a few questions I have.



By Anthemios