[TRANSLATION] Mnet Music Story - IU and Jang Yijeong Recording BTS

Revealing the recording studio BTS of IU & Jang Yijeong!

The song ‘Friday’ on 'Modern Times - Epilogue’ was completed during a particularly cold February and almost (?) made it into the 3rd album, 'Modern Times’.

So through the recording studio BTS photos, we see IU with long hair and Jang Yijeong who featured in the song, before his debut as a History member.

The song, 'Friday’, to IU

“This is a song about the nervousness of two people in love with one another but are unsure about what they should do. The part of a romance which is the most thriling since it’s short should be right before going into it…?”

“Actually, this is a song that I first revealed to my fans previously, but I thought it suited this season as well, with all the red and blue lights everywhere. I felt that a first date on a chilly winter like this would be exactly like the feel of 'Friday’. I wanted to try including 'heartbeat-like’ rhythm of nervousness at the start of a relationship, so do listen attentively to it~”

“Ah, also, about HISTORY’s Jang Yijeong who featured in the song… I had heard a lot about his outstanding vocals, so I wasn’t worried about the recording at all. When we actually got down to recording, his voice was better than I’d expected. I was taken by surprise. I did a clumsy job directing since it was my very first time doing it, but he silently did as he was told to. I felt thankful to hear from him that he’s been my fan for a long time as well.”

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