Many of you guys have asked me to post a recording of me performing one of my slam poems so I decided to go ahead and do that today. Granted, many of you asked for an actual video but this is what I could do (and can do until next Tuesday) on short notice. 

I stutter a bit at some parts and, naturally, I think I sound strange but who doesn’t think that when they hear themselves on a recording? 

Anyway, here is my poem Dear 1-6.


Courtney, Patty Schemel and Linda Perry during the recording of America’s Sweetheart. 2003.

(America’s Sweetheart [aka Le Disastre, her words, not mine] turned 11 this month.)

This clip features lots of unreleased songs/jams/lyrics, bits and pieces, chords of I’ll Do Anything, CL and LP sharing a cigarette, LP humping CL.

"All I’ve got it one fuckin’ black and white TV…"


How have I never seen this before?

//The 1975- recording EP back in 2012//