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I just realized that by turning Spike into a dog, the writers imply that he’s more mature than his age. Y’know like, a human year is seven dog years? So it’s the same for dragons. For his species he’s still a baby but in pony years he’s approaching 20 already.

I’m not completely serious. But it’s fun to speculate on.


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EXO-L in Sherlock Mode Trying to Decipher EXO teaser

Korean EXO-L detective mode is on to decipher various things behind Kai teaser! Let’s see what they have found

External image


1. Logo


As you can see, EXO finally has new logo


External image


The teaser shows the process of creating new logo from uniting 2 forms of diamond. Watching this, fans make few speculations.


a. The process looks like the right moon and left moon unite into one = lunar eclipse = April 4th 2015 = comeback date?

Why April 4th? Since last year, EXO members were spotted often making 4 shape with their fingers to the point fans guessed that probably EXO was going to star on Showtime Season 4 or their comeback was January 4th, etc.


b. On EXOluXion concert VCR when 10 members appeared, there was a ‘on the other side of the moon’ catchphrase. Fans guessing isnt this mean lunar eclipse?


c. The first lunar eclipse was recorded on March 19th = first teaser release date in KST (Kai)


d. Back to the logo. The number of vertex outside is 6 while the vertex of diamond inside is 4. EXO K = 6. EXO M = 4.

6+4 = 10.


External image

Beside appears on teaser, Exodus also the name of the b-side track from EXO new album.


a. During EXOluXion concert, Exodus was the 10th performance from the setlist


b. Whats the meaning of exodus? Exodus means escaping, departure. Another meaning, we can divide EXO+DUS. Dus = 10; so EXODUS = EXO10


c. In scientific word, prefix 'exo-’ can be interpreted as 'outside’ or 'external’, so EXO10 could mean outside 10 or external 10 -> 10 members are outside (t/n: if you remember from the MAMA exo teaser released in December where 10 marbles sliding outside the maze)


3. Pathcode Twitter


External image

In the teaser, notification 'follow #PathCodeEXO’ popped from Kai’s phone.


External image


If you search pathcodeexo on Twitter, you’ll find an account with that ID.


a. PathCodeEXO twitter acc was created on December 15th, 2014. That means since mid-December, all these teasers, comeback date, album, promotion method, songs, hints, etc has been planned since that day.


b. Path means a way or trail to a certain destination, while path code means a code to aim you to your way/trail towards certain destination. In one of EXO new song, El Dorado, tells about allusion of  way or trail to a certain destination about 'escapade plan’


c. The first hint is “The number of marbles that passed the maze.”

If you relate this with the meaning of EXODUS above and the Mnet teaser back in 2014, you’ll know the answer

External image



4. Official homepage


External image


Before finding PathCodeEXO, fans tried to enter 'exo’ 'kai’ 'call me baby’ but the site wont open. However, 10 is the correct answer, and you’ll see various Kai teaser pics inside.

The link to that page is

about why it’s named 'promotion’ will be explained below.



5. Promotion


Before EXO debuted, SM released 23 teaser videos to introduce members one by one. The sequence of the teasers were:

Kai - Tao - Chen - Sehun - Lay - Xiumin - Baekhyun - D.O - Suho - Chanyeol



Based on debut promotion teaser sequence: Kai - Tao - Sehun - Lay - Xiumin - D.O - Suho - Chen - Baekhyun - Chanyeol

a. Could it be the teaser release sequence for this comeback similar to debut era with the feeling of 'reborn’, 'starting again like the beginning’? Many fans guessing like that since the first teaser revealed to be Kai, even though it could be wrong too.


b. Tao appears for nano seconds on teaser video, could it be the next teaser will be Tao?

External image

c. Chanyeol appeared on the last MAMA teaser and El Dorado song also revealed on his teaser. Plus, it’s one of the song discloses at EXO concert. Fans guessing that after all members’ teaser released, the MV? full audio? or teaser? of El Dorado will be unveiled along with Chanyeol video teaser. Beside, the teasers were shot overseas and one of them was Spain. Chanyeol went to Spain last month to shoot his teaser. El Dorado also derived from Spanish, isnt it?



6. Time


External image

a. London 15:00

Kai teaser released on 12;00 midnight KST, while it’s 3PM in London.


b. Kai wrote on his insta Barcelona 10:10 Could it be the next teaser will be revealed on 10:10 Barcelona Time?


External image



7. Here I Am


From Book of Exodus 3:4

And when the LORD saw that he turned aside to see, God called unto him out of the midst of the bush, and said, Moses, Moses. And he said, Here am I.


Based on Exodus account, the apostles who were ready to escaped mostly wore scarlet clothes. EXO outfit during EXODUS performance was also scarlet color

External image

Kai teleported on the video, which could be 'Here I Am’ means Kai teleported to Barcelona at 10:10

External image


8. FBI

External image


During EXOluXion VCR, this scene appeared. If you search about the name mentioned above (Geral W. Sosbee), he was a FBI whistleblower, dead at October 10th = 10/10 = another number 10?

And if you access the real site related to him, this pic appears

External image

Dont you think it’s familiar with the cube form from EXO new logo earlier? Could it be the logo creator takes inspiration from this pic?


9. EXOluXion

Why does their concert named as EXOluXion not Exolution?

a. In Roman numerals, X = 10

b. During El Dorado, EXO made 'X’ sign as the ending pose with their light sword.

External image


c. In EXOluXion VCR, there was a phrase 'there are 10 materials, one of them confirmed to be humankind’

External image

Isnt that humankind means Kai that was revealed just now?


translated by AYOSHIARI