Over the next two weeks, as TVD comes to an end, I’ve decided to dedicate everyday to something TVD related on my blog. One day could be my favorite quotes & GIFS. Another a post on the different relationships and friendships, favorite cast photos, seasons, & moments. I hope to have this week with each day dedicated to a few different of my favorite TVD Characters and to end it, a post on all TVD has taught me.        The Vampire Diaries has has been such a staple in my life and its much more than just a TV show so this is my way of celebrating the last eight years. ❤  

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“So I was at dinner with my significant other yesterday, and I just couldn’t help but just sit there and stare at her. I realized how much I appreciated the moment and how lucky and grateful I am. Appreciate every moment in your life” - Paul Wesley.

“Happy birthday to my best friend. Not only are you the sexiest person I have ever seen, but you make me laugh more than anyone else. Here’s to many more adventures with you” - Phoebe Tonkin.