• Ty: Kit and I want to be parabatai.
*Emma and Julian look at each other*
Emma: Are you one hundred percent sure you aren’t in love with each other or ever could be?
*Kit looks at Ty*
Kit: Yeah. You’re right. Being parabatai would be a horrible idea.
Kit and Ty's first kiss

-contrary to popular belief, I think Kit would make the first move??
-simply bc ty doesn’t understand what he’s feeling for kit
-but ohHHHH when kit realises he likes ty he’s like,,, shit
-so obviously ty is absolutely ruined after what happened to livvy
-and kit is like his coping mechanism
-and kit knows how goddamn in love he is with ty but is scared to push him bc of what happened at the end of LoS
-but then one night
-theyre just chillin
-and ty is like finally starting to feel like maybe the world isn’t ending
-and kit can’t even help it, he just turns and kisses him rlly quick
-and then goes bright red while ty just stares at him in complete shock
-kit is so embarrassed and is just like dude I’m sorry I’ll go
-and he’s about to leave but ty suddenly just goes “no stay”
-and then they sit in silence for a bit, and after a while Ty rests his head on kit’s shoulder
-and kit’s like whOA fuck ok you are accepting my affection and your head is on my shoulder and fuck you’re so cute
-and ty, for the first time since Livvy’s death, smiles

Finally I managed to draw Ty and Kit… took me long enough… I cant yet decide if I want them to be romantically involved, nevertheless its clear how important they are to each other. I also love to play with the meaning of runes… here its expectation and awareness …

Reptile/pet emergency kit

Luckily I’ve never had to use it much but here’s what I’ve got in my “pet emergency” kit - I’m thinking about the storm coming but I’ve never prepped for something that severe myself so I could leave some stuff off of the list, but if I do please reblog with additions so we’ll have a comprehensive list!

  • Reptile heat packs
  • Reptile wound cleaner WITHOUT painkiller
  • Bandages
  • Tongs
  • Small/medium tubs for transport + temporary housing
  • Cat claw scissors
  • A sample jar
  • Grub Pie/Carnivore Care
  • Saline (for cleaning eyes/wounds)
  • Several different bowls/boxes for food/bugs
  • Water conditioner

And that’s all from me I think. I assume if you’ve got a snake, pillowcases or other temp transport + handling tools would be necessary. Please add more!

kit and ty // one shot

Julian was absolutely exhausted, both emotionally and physically. The hour was late, and the whole institute appeared to be fast asleep, but Julian knew he wouldn’t rest until he was certain that all his siblings were safely tucked up in bed.

He passed Tavvy’s room first; a quick glance showed him Tavvy’s snoring form curled up in his blankets. Allowing a small smile, Julian continued along the corridor to Dru’s room. Dru was also asleep, although perhaps snoring slightly less than Tavvy. Julian closed her door as softly as he could, and tiptoed over to Ty’s door.

Checking on Ty had only recently become heart-achingly painful for the older brother, for most nights Ty couldn’t sleep and Julian often found him on the floor, crying as if his heart was being torn apart. He refused to let Julian help him- refused everyone’s help, as far as Julian knew- and he was prepared for another such event tonight.

Jules pushed open the door, but already the utter silence inside his younger brother’s room surprised him.

What surprised him even more was what he found inside.

Ty was asleep in his bed, which was a sight Julian had been beginning to doubt he would ever see again. Ty was twisted up in a tangle of blankets- but he was not alone.

In the bed with Ty, his arm loosely slung over the other boy, was Kit Herondale.

Jules stifled his gasp of shock, unable to tear his eyes off of the two boys. He had known Ty and Kit were good friends, but after what had befallen Livvy he hadn’t though that Ty would let anyone in to comfort him…

But whatever hurt Julian felt quickly faded as he watched Ty and Kit, their chests rising and falling in perfect harmony. Ty’s cold, shattered expression and Kit’s sarcastic, bitter smirk had been replaced by peaceful smiles, and it was such a sweet sight that Julian couldn’t help but smile, too.

“Goodnight,” Julian whispered, softly pulling the door shut. He passed Livvy’s room on his way upstairs, but for the first time in a long, long while, the sight of it did not wipe the smile from his face.

“Your brother’s happy, Livvy,” he said, running his hand along the wooden frame. “Ty’s happy.”

He blamed what he heard next on fatigue, and continued upstairs, but he couldn’t shake the notion that he’d just heard a small, tinkling laugh that was achingly familiar reply to him.