A Kiss to the Palm

Hannah’s eyes slid closed, and she leaned into the touch with undisguised pleasure. Her face was a little too warm under Barbara’s palm, and heated further when Barbara’s thumb smoothed over the tiny brown freckles dusting her cheeks and scoop of her nose. She was beautiful in the warmest, most touchable way. If she were a book Barbara knew the lines by heart, every dog-eared page.

Hazel eyes opened again and Hannah’s hand came up to cradle the one on her cheek. Her gaze pinned Barbara in place as the other girl’s lips brushed over her palm, and all Barbara could manage was a stuttered inhale. Hannah’s other hand slid up the back of her leg, settling behind her knee with promise. Heat settled in Barbara’s chest, as if all the oxygen in her lungs ignited.

“H-hey.” Her free hand curled into a fist against her chest, as if she could catch her heart before it fluttered giddly away.

Hannah smiled, too wicked to be truly playful. “Hey.”

Written by Pageoflore, illustrated by me.

Descendants 2 songs ranked

7. Kiss The Girl: It wasn’t even in the movie??? Where was it??? I am confusion??

6. It’s Goin Down: Y’all really made Dove Cameron rap. Ok, I guess we’re doing this

5. Ways to be Wicked: Would have been higher if it actually made sense within the story. The dream sequence thing was cheap. Overall really hype song.

4. You and Me: Too slow to end a DCOM. Should have been more hype. But it still vibes.

3. Chillin’ Like a Villain: Can descendants 3 please just be Ben, Evie, Jay, and Carlos? Please? I love this group. Also, Sofia owns this song.

2. Whats My Name: Uma was an underused Villain, but this song goes so hard. A certified bop. 11/10

1. Space Between: Holy Shit they’re in love

I wanted them to know me. Not the stuff they thought they knew about me. No, the real me. I wanted them to get past the rumours. To see beyond the relationships I once had, or maybe still had but that they didn’t agree with. And if I wanted people to treat me that way, then I had to do the same for them, right?
—  Hannah Baker