150506 Jung Yonghwa Twitter & Weibo (2 & 3) Updates
[Eng Trans] @JYHeffect: One for twitter too~~~ The photos are all different on Instagram, Weibo and Twitter~~~
@jyheffect89:  One fine day in Budokan~~^^ momoda (kiss) ❤️

@JYHeffect: Una para Twitter también~~~ Las fotos son todas distintas en Instagram, Weibo y Twitter~~~
@jyheffect89:  One fine day en Budokan~~^^ momoda (beso) ❤️

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#防弹少年团##jhope# 어머니 아버지 제 인생을 미리 아셨군요 [哈哈][哈哈] 낳아 주시고 키워주시고 꿈을 향해 적극 지원해주셔서 감사합니다 사랑합니다 #益起来爱她# @微公益

#BangtanBoys##jhope# As if Mum and dad knew about my life in advance [Haha][Haha] Thank you for giving birth to me, raising me and supporting my dreams actively. I love you. #Let’sLoveHerTogether# @微公益

(T/N: The Weibo account @微公益 translates to Wei-PublicWelfare. ‘Wei’ comes from the site, ‘Weibo’. 益起, where 益 comes from 公益 meaning ‘Public Welfare’, has the same pronunciation as 一起 which means together. It’s a play on words) 

Trans cr; Mary @ bts-trans