Bug-Eyed Bandit

Chapter Six

Bees. Crazy, killer, robotic bees. I think Brie Larvan aka the Bug-Eyed Bandit created those evil suckers just to mess with me. Pretty cool tech, though. After her arrest, I was specifically told not to try and reprogram her bees. So I didn’t… Okay, of course I did, but only two! And Ray took a bee-bot for R&D on his suit so I feel totally justified. May I present, Bumble and The Destroyer. Brie Larvan’s technical design, my programming. They fly, they spy and they definitely DO NOT sting.

First job for my bees… learn to play the guitar. I could program Bumble to work the neck of the guitar and The Destroyer to strum the strings. Can you imagine robotic bees playing Hotel California?! It would create quite a buzz (terrible, terrible Felicity-level pun.) But maybe I should use my minions for something more practical. I do need help in the pipeline. The Mist is a real pain in the ass to feed - I’ve even had to stop giving him his gummy vitamins.

           Hmmm… Idea!

           Be right back.

           OH NO!!!

The Mist (Kyle frackin’ Nimbus) killed my bee.  Jerk. The Destroyer was bringing The Mist a gummy vitamin I attached to his belly. I know. FREAKING ADORABLE, right? I guess Nimbus didn’t see it that way. See, each of my little guys is equipped with microscopic cameras so I watched as Nimbus looked up and reached for The Destroyer. I thought he wanted the gummy but no! He had that same sick smile as when he had me squirming on his cell floor. Abort Mission! I tried to fly The Destroyer out through the ventilation but Nimbus was too quick. Last thing I saw was a mist-Tsunami bashing The Destroyer into the glass. When I got to Nimbus’ cell, the Destroyer was on the ground, still buzzing faintly. I put on my gas mask quickly and told Nimbus to stand back - I could save the bee-bot! But then Nimbus walked calmly over to my little buddy and stomped him. More than once I’m sure but I couldn’t bear to watch. I DID NOT CRY. I just…. I don’t know, The Destroyer had so much potential. I was supposed to protect him and then some bully meta-human just curb stomped him. Crap, what am I going to tell Bumble? I know, I know. I can hear Caitlin now, “Cisco, these are robots, they don’t have feelings, calm down.” But they were my robots and they could have become sentient.

I guess having friendly robotic bees isn’t the key to Meta healthcare. RIP The Destroyer, you are joining the S.T.A.R. lab teddy bears in the annex of “Awesome and adorable things that just didn’t work out.” It’s a big annex.

Cisco, OUT. And like Journey said, Don’t stop BEELIEVING…



On Tuesday, April 21st, marchers will arrive in Washington, DC after an historic 8-day, 250 mile journey through 5 states carrying The Justice Package - 3 pieces of legislations calling for an end to racial profiling, stopping the militarization of our local police forces, and demanding the government invest in our youth and communities.

We MARCH in solidarity with our elders, our youth, our incarcerated brothers and sisters, and the families and communities of those impacted by police brutality. We MARCH on behalf of Eric Garner. And Akai Gurley. And Jesse Hernandez. And Rekia Boyd. And Tamir Rice. And Michael Brown. And Renisha McBride. And London Colvin. And John Crawford III. And Miriam Carey. And Anthony Baez. And Ramarley Graham.

WE NEED YOU on the WEST LAWN of the US Capitol. We will have a program with legendary civil rights leaders, hip hop artists and the marchers themselves!

After 250 miles, we want DC/VA/MD area to welcome the #March2Justice marchers.