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“At the very beginning of my career, I had a teacher whose name was Vinnette Carroll; she directed a number of Broadway shows. She kept saying to me, “You know the problem with beautiful women? They tend to rely on their beauty.” And I said, How wrong she is! I never think of myself as being beautiful. I thought, What are you talking about? I work so hard. And I did. But I learned from her how important it is to learn your craft. When all else fails, you will land on that, and that alone.”

– The trailblazing Cicely Tyson for ELLE Magazine, 2017


this is the best thing i’ve seen in my life

Asian American TV Producers Speak Out About Making the Shows They Want, Whether or Not Networks Are on Board

“One of the primary reasons I became a producer is because I wanted to create the world that I wanted to see on TV,” [Daniel Dae] Kim said, who is an executive producer on the series [The Good Doctor] along with “House” creator David Shore. “So often as actors, we’re subject to the roles that we’re offered or auditioning for, but one role in one show is a small piece of a larger puzzle. It’s satisfying to me to be able to create worlds from the ground up. I can tell the stories I want to tell, I can populate them with the kind of people I would like to be telling them, and thematically it’s nice to be able to choose those stories. It’s also nice to be a job creator.” (x)


Fraggle Rock publicity images. No special reason, just something I remember well from when I was a kid.

I still think the show had a brilliant, positive concept. But that was Jim Henson, eh.

I remember I found the Gorgs very scary, in their dark, overgrown garden. There was a similar bit of shadowy no man’s land behind the outhouse in my grandparents’ garden, no way I was going to venture out there, not alone, not with friends.