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Why you should watch American Gods

- v diverse cast + no whitewashing
- cast poc to play poc and not tanned white men
- most romantic scene is a sex scene between two muslim men
- the actors of said characters also openly talk about the relationship
- the cast are all great friends and the interviews are super fun to watch
- the storyline(s) is/are really good and super interesting
- ricky whittle
- doesn’t take itself too seriously + makes jokes about some of the weirder parts
- did i mention poc characters (like a lot)
- delivers important social and political commentary
- doesn’t depict Jesus as just one white guy but as a whole group of different ethnicities (asain jesus, mexican jesus etc.)
- all the characters are super interesting and have fleshed out backstories
- there’s probably more but i cant think of anything rn

Jughead & Reader: Enough is Enough

Summary: Even though you and Jughead have been friends forever, it hurts to see him go from relationship to relationship since you have a massive crush on him. One day it just gets to be too much so you decide to head out of Riverdale. But Jughead finds you and talks you out of it, revealing his feelings for you.

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Listen to: Back Home - Yellowcard

With Kevin by your side, you walked down the street in the direction of Pop’s. Kevin lost a bet to you so he owes you a milkshake and some fries, two things you had been craving all day at school. Normally you go to Pop’s with your best friend Jughead but he’s been sort of MIA lately. You’ve called and texted him to hang out but he’s either been too busy to hang out or he’s lost his phone again. 

“Do you know what you want?” Kevin asked when the two of you walked into Pop’s. 

“Vanilla milkshake and cheesy fries,” you told him as you looked around for an empty booth. While he was ordering, you noticed two people in the booth you normally sit in with Jughead. As the boy turned to talk to the girl, your heart sank. 

Kevin noticed your expression and looked in the same direction. “Is that Jughead and Betty?” He asked you. 

Your hands balled into fists and your breathing became erratic. Unable to take seeing him and his new girlfriend together, you turned on your heel and walked out of the diner. Kevin followed. 

“Are you alright?” He called after you. 

You leaned against the diner and put your head in your hands. Your heart was pounding and your hands were shaking. You suddenly felt very dizzy and slid down against the wall, sitting on the cold pavement. Kevin joined you and wrapped his arm around your shoulders comfortingly. 

“I’m so sorry,” he said quietly as he rubbed your arm. “Did you know they were together?”

You shook your head as you tried to fight back tears. “I had no idea,” you told him. “I guess for a while I sort of suspected something was going on between the two but he never mentioned anything to me.”

Kevin sighed. “I know it’s not easy for you to see him with other girls.”

“We’ve been best friends since we were kids. We grew up together, we played together, we seriously did everything together. I’ve had to see him go from relationship to relationship, having feelings for all of these girls and it sucks. It really sucks.” You wiped the tears that were rolling down your cheeks. 

“I’m so tired of it. I’m tired of the fact that he’ll never notice me. That he’ll never look at me the way I look at him. I can’t take the pain anymore.” You started to sob and Kevin held you against his chest. You cried against him and held him close to you, feeling so vulnerable. 

How can you stand to watch someone you love, love someone else?

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cultural french tv shows

tv gameshows : x

hello! today i’ll be naming tv shows (not in the Doctor Who sense) that are made by french people -so you can get used to pronunciation and learn vocabulary- to teach you about various cultural categories -so you’ll get smarter as well!

secrets d’histoire is about history details, it’s pretty amazing (but as far as i know sometimes they make little mistakes) and the animator is a big joke

this is thalassa and the animator is obsessed w/ the sea. it’s all sea stuff.

e=m6 (m6 is a big french tv channel) is about history, science, food, anything you could get a interest in really. the anim isn’t very sexy though.

c’est pas sorcier (cf expression “it’s not witchcraft” it’s not that complicated) is the ABSOLUTE SHIT. every kid used to watch that, sometimes even teachers would show it to you. it’s similar to e=m6 but it’s for kids, so it’s simple, the guy in the truck uses scale models and diagrams and the guy outside goes to the place to show you around. i really miss it - my dad still watches it when it’s on tv!

(that’s it, i clicked play, that music man, i’m back in the nineties <3)

il était une fois la vie explains you life, the human body, early history - for kids even younger, and it’s from the 80′s so i’m not responsible for the graphics ty.

I’ve noticed that black American shows tend to reinforce stereotypes of other black people. In Girlfriends you have Vosco the “lazy immigrant from Jamaica”. Also they had an African man selling bags on the street with that fake accent. Then the illegal Haitian maid in HTGAWM. I wanted to support Dear White People so much but as soon as I saw the “African caricature” I was like nope. The Kenyan with the lazy “West African” accent, who’s confused all the time. The list goes on and it sucks.


at first I read the description of Dimension 404 and thought “ugh, another Black Mirror? who cares?”

then my partner convinced me to watch it, and LET ME TELL YOU

Dimension 404 is a CAMPY SCI FI MASTERPIECE narrated by Mark Hamill. it’s like, what if Black Mirror got their pop culture references and memes right? what if it was HOPEFUL AND INSPIRING 

it has multiple storylines about LGBT+ people! this far two episodes have LGBT+ main characters! the episode “Polybius” (yeah, subtle reference) is entirely centered on a queer narrative, and in “Bob” Constance Wu (!!! <3) plays an army psychologist who’s trying to return home to her wife and daughter for the holiday season

it’s diverse both in gender and ethnicity (altho the main characters have been mostly white up until this point). the inventor of time travel? obviously a woman. the episode about a FPS pro-player? obviously a woman as well. the casting is EXCELLENT, and they embrace and subvert archetypes and cliches in the best possible way

it’s just SO GOOD and SO INSPIRING and it embraces camp in such a perfect way. I cannot recommend it enough