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Jason Tavius Kirk is the third-born son of George and Winona Kirk, born seventeen minutes after his twin brother James, the day the USS Kelvin was destroyed with Acting Captain George Kirk aboard. While not present when Jim met Pike in that bar in Riverside, Jason joined up with Starfleet the next morning right alongside his twin, though he chose science track instead of command. 

Lieutenant Kirk’s specialty is xenoanthropology, and he currently serves as one of the lesser science officers under Commander Spock on the Enterprise. This assignment has been his since Nero attacked - although in some verses, it was not Jason who took his place on the Enterprise, but Jim, so that he could get on board. Jason felt a tactician made more sense than a scientist under the circumstances, and suggested it.

When not in uniform, the Kirk twins are almost impossible to tell apart, and all during their Academy years no one ever quite knew which Kirk twin they were talking to. They even attended each other’s classes on occasion. Today they still occasionally swap places on shore leave, curious to see who among the crew can tell them apart. (Commander Spock always can. Dr. McCoy has only been mistaken three times since their first year of Academy.)

This verse is open to anyone but Jims; at the moment I consider Jason to be the twin to either my own Jim (so you can totally talk to one boy about the other) or @yetanotherjimkirk since i developed Jason while talking to the mun ooc. 


TAEYEON 태연_Why_Music Video


TAEYEON 태연_Why_Music Video (Dance ver.)


[ENGSUB] 2016 VIXXchool - How senior students VIXX confess their love


#When your bae has the best wings in town— Praise

Inspired by @neikarasu ‘s fic Eclipse. I jumped the wagon. Thank you base god for amazing writers with amazing ideas.

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