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Sanvers, My Thoughts

Alex Danvers struck a cord with me from the very first episode. For me, Alex’s coming out arc in season 2 was like watching my life on the screen. I loved the story line, the relationship, the acting and the way Chyler and Florianna have embraced the community that I found myself a part of late in life.

I’ve been disappointed in TV before and it will no doubt happen again. What I’ve become slightly distressed about is the amount of negativity on social media. Does it suck? Absolutely! Should/Could the writers have done something else? Absolutely! As an actress would you leave for another project if you were given minuscule screen time as a series regular? Most Likely! Do I want Sanvers to continue on TV with one of the best relationships I’ve ever seen? You better F*ing believe it! Do I hope Supergirl gets a new show runner? Yep! Will I conintue watching Supergirl after episode 5? Yep! Why? Alex Danvers and the amazing human portraying her…Chyler Leigh.

Here’s my worry. Some have been so negative about the “sanversituation” that I worry it will push others to think about leaving the cast (Chyler in particular). She’s practically been Supergirl social media silent and then a post and video explaining that somethings are just out of the control of shows and productions. So in the final 3 episodes of Sanvers I hope to enjoy watching the chemistry between the two of them, enjoy the GIFs that all you wonderful people can produce and then cry my gay heart out! So to all you amazing fan fiction writers, thank you in advance for all of your amazing works that will let Sanvers live on!

Thanks for listening to my ramble. My girlfriend thinks I’m crazy since I’ve been obsessing over this since Florianna was not on the season 3 regular cast list. 🏳️‍🌈


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