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anonymous asked:

who is greg miller?

He is a reporter for IGN and the host of Playing Dead, a youtube paralell to Talking Dead but for the game instead of the show. When he covered TWDG Season 2 Episode 4, he completely shit on Sarah and her death, called her useless and basically said some shitty things about how she deserved to die, was glad for her death, etc. all because she was neurodivergent and wasn’t as badass as Clementine.

When he received backlash for what he said, he claimed to have not interpreted Sarah as being neurodivergent, but did not take back anything he said (because regardless of Sarah’s mental state, saying what he said about a 14 year old girl was completely fucked up) or even really apologized for it. He seems to just completely ignore the criticism now and writes it off as people being hateful

So you see why people would be upset to see him playing Ben tonight, since he also said shitty things about Ben being a liability as well and also celebrated his death.