photo: filmmagic

Started filming for the new project I was asked to help film for at school. So far everything has turned out pretty great.
It has been really fun being in an element that is very natural for me.
I have to say that this project would not have really turned out as well as it has if it weren’t for the close friends who volunteered to help me. From reminding me to turn on the microphones before filiming to sitting quietly at a laptop monitoring sound for hours on end, they made this possible.
This post is dedicated to those loyal friends and workers who sit behind the camera and make sure that everything is running smoothly. It is because of the crew that these things are possible. Cheers.

Ranked: Every 'song of the summer' from the past 20 years

Summertime requires its own soundtrack. And every year, pop stars compete to deliver the “song of the summer,” the track that defines the season on the charts and in listeners’ memories.

Officially, the song of the summer is the track that spends the most time atop the Billboard Hot 100 between Memorial Day and Labor Day. The songs on this list weren’t chosen by personal tastes; all of the tracks shown below were the top-charting hits on the Hot 100 for their respective summers, objectively, based on charts data. So if a favorite song isn’t included below, pick a fight with the Billboard charts, not the list.

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(Photo: Getty/PWC/FIlmMagic.)