Official tour production photos released!

National Tour cast features Joey deBettencourt (Boy), Megan Stern (Molly), John Sanders (Black Stache), Harter Clingman (Alf), Jimonn Cole (Slank), Nathan Hosner (Lord Aster), Carl Howell (Prentiss), Ian Michael Stuart (Captain Scott), Benjamin Schrader (Mrs. Bumbrake), Luke Smith (Smee), Edward Tournier (Ted), Lee Zarrett (Fighting Prawn), Ben Beckley, Rob Neill, Rachel Prather and Nick Vidal.

Tammy Blanchard of H2$ talks about Darren in an interview with
  • Interviewer: What was it like having a huge TV star like Darren Criss in the show - especially compared to a movie star like Daniel Radcliffe and a pop idol like Nick Jonas?
  • Tammy: It was fabulous! It was so nice to see each of these guys get up there and perform their hearts out for these crowds that just love and adore them - and love and adore us, too. It was so great. With each new person came a new excitement.
  • Interviewer: Especially since you had settled into the run by the time Darren and Nick came in.
  • Tammy: You know, you get comfortable after a while, so when someone new comes in you can give them more support than you could if you were just learning everything like they are - it was so great to see the whole process with each of them.

Sierra Boggess talks to Paul Wontorek about Phantom

The complex formula for GLEE’s success and how it has managed to be the perfect fusion of TV sitcom comedy and engrossing drama, theatrical expression (in many forms) and pop culture nirvana - complete with the most dastardly and hilarious villain on TV, Sue Sylvester - is best broKen Down into four simple categories - for simplicity’s sake, we shall call them the ABCDs of GLEE. Maybe add an E, too. These essential elements are: attitude, Broadway, Darren Criss and divas. Entertainment value is the E. From there - mix and match. Basically, it is that simple. While Season Two was more mix and Season One was more match, it seems that over the course of only two episodes there is a focus on mix and matching that was never quite as apparent as it is now. They have found a balance - and a lot of that success has to do with Darren Criss. He seems to bridge the gap in the cast between the big Broadway belters and the pop princes and princesses and make everything just gel really well.
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