photo: august '11

_Paul McCartney; Thompson House; August 11st 1967/11 de agosto de 1967.

_Photo/Foto: Richard Avedon.

_Admiring a person doesn’t mean agreeing with everything he/she thinks or does./Admirar uma pessoa não significa concordar com todas as coisas que ele/ela pensa ou faz.


George Harrison, with John Lennon, during the recording session for “Baby’s In Black” (which was to be included on The Beatles’ 1964 album Beatles For Sale), EMI Studios, Abbey Road, 11 August 1964.

Photos: The Beatles Book

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“Just because most Beatles songs are credited to John and Paul as composers, it is wrong to think that George and Ringo did not contribute. I was amazed sitting silently in the studio that, although John or Paul were usually clearly the driving force Ringo and George were not simply sleeping partners. They certainly would not just sit there and do as they were told. Ringo might make suggestions about the beat and George would chip in about a particular guitar riff. The whole business of recording was a partnership between the four of them and George Martin. And I reckon that George Harrison would be a major composer in his own right if he hadn’t landed himself in a group with two of the finest and most prolific song-writers the world has ever seen. I always used to wish George would assert himself more, but he did not tend to push himself forward.” - Alistair Taylor, With The Beatles [x]


John Lennon and George Harrison photographed by The Beatles Book during the “Baby’s In Black” recording session, EMI Studios, Abbey Road, London, 11 August 1964. (Some images have previously been posted on the blog: here, x and xx; and other images from this recording session can be found at thateventuality as well: xxx, xxxx and xxxxx.)

Photos: The Beatles Book

“Our records were progressing. We’d started out like anyone spending their first time in a studio - nervous and naive and looking for success. By this time we’d had loads of hits and a few tours and were becoming more relaxed with ourselves, and more comfortable in the studio. And the music was getting better.

For this album [Beatles For Sale] we rehearsed only the new ones. Songs like ‘Honey Don’t’ and ‘Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby’, we’d played live so often that we only had to get a sound on them and do the. But with songs like ‘Baby’s In Black’, we had to learn and rehearse them. We were beginning to do a little overdubbing, too, probably a four-track. And George Martin would suggest some changes; not too many, but he was always an integral part of it.” - George Harrison, The Beatles Anthology


August 9, 2011 - “We Own The Night: Teen Choice” - SelenaGomez is uploaded to YouTube.


August 1, 2011 - “We Own The Night: 1st Show!” - SelenaGomez is uploaded to YouTube.


The violins are still playing and the cellos have not stopped either, but all I will ever hear is your silent plea to forget and forgive, to renew and relive, to feel and be felt, to see and be seen.
I couldn’t.
I can’t now.
I won’t ever be like this.
Not for this, not for us, not for you.
And the moment passes by and we are ourselves again, refreshed with the cool breeze, lifting up the fog before our eyes and hearts.
Where yours was an open book, mine was the library.
You could never have found a way through. You would never have been able to read one single page.
And wasn’t it kind of me to save you from my impossible ways?