January 8, 2012 (Day 68) - This is the Diaclone Diatrain made by Takara in Japan.  This was purchased in 1980 while on a summer family trip to Japan.  It has been sitting in a box for a while and is a bit dusty, but still works.  Pressing the two silver “vents” at the top causes the whole thing to expand and the wings to open up. There were missiles and Microman figures (with magnetic feet) that fit inside the cockpit, not sure where these parts are or if I still have them.  Takara later licensed these and the next series of transforming robots that they built to Hasbro and that was the beginning of the Transformers.


January 12, 2012 (Day 72) - Dynaman Godaikin by Bandai.  Purchased in Hong Kong while returning from India during the summer of 1983. Here we see it in the Robot configuration as well as the 3 vehicle configuration (Dyna Mach, Dyna Mobile and Dyna Garry).  As with the other one I seem to be missing the accessories: shield, missiles, hands and a sword. Everything does seem to be operating correctly, it is pretty nicely made with big rubber wheels and lots of die-cast metal parts.  More information available here.