Painting with Light

For Photo II we had to “paint with light”. The idea is that you take a photo in the dark where you paint something with light during the time the shutter is open. We could photograph/paint whatever we wanted and I thought it would be cool to have those glowing color sticks (99ct store has literally everything..!) and just try to make a nice picture. Here’s the result.:

In the last one I was sitting in a chair and traced myself with a light (pointed towards a camera). I don’t really have the right equipment for this, so I had 30 seconds to sit down after I pushed the shutter and to “paint” myself. It still looks pretty cool, but I think I was really lucky with this one :p. It wasn’t really my own idea. If you google “painting with light”, you will see some really cool images! So, if you take a look at those, I’m going to work on improving mine ;)

After a really nice week of spring break it was time to start the last half of the semester. I began with photo class! We got to do an exercise during class again. This time we had to work in groups (normally it is always individual!) to create a conceptual portrait. That means not just a head shot (portrait), but the subject must be engaged with the surroundings. This was our result.