Mary Jane Kelly (c. 1863 – 9 November 1888), also known as “Marie Jeanette” Kelly, “Fair Emma”, “Ginger” and “Black Mary”, is widely believed to be the fifth and final victim of the notorious unidentified serial killer Jack the Ripper, who killed and mutilated prostitutes in the Whitechapel area of London from late August to early November 1888.


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Just because he’s not bond paper white, and he has a breakout doesn’t mean he’s ugly. Please don’t bash one of the few fansites that actually give us unwhitewashed bangtan. He’s still beautiful like this. He’s human too. The breakout is probably from stress, sweat, and stage makeup, and he’s visited beaches as well, but regardless, he looks good, and the whitewashed, touched-up photos we see obviously aren’t true to life. There shouldn’t be a problem here. Getting photos this clear and HD should be appreciated. Why turn this into an issue and endorse such unhealthy beauty standards?

Picture Perfect (Photographer AU Luhan)

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Type: Fluff Angst

There were the ups and downs of being married a photographer. Bring a muse was nice, but having sometimes completely naked or seductive models around wasn’t your cup of tea. Not that Luhan would ever cheat on you, he was very strong on the relationship you had. Its the girls that flirted with him that bugged you. They had just about everything and they still went after your husband. They had a talent of doing it subtly as well.

Luhan was a passionate man, being a father of two. A biological son named Wei and then a sweet little girl you adopted a few months ago named Meilin who was actually older than your son by a few years. Their pictures covered the walls of his studio and the models would comment about how they wished they could have a man like him be the father of their children. It irked you but you kept yourself as calm as you could.


“I can’t believe your son doesn’t look completely like you” one of the models said to Luhan as he made a sound and looked up from his camera. “Your son looks like your wife more. Its sad” she said as Luhan gave her a confused look. “Why’s that? Wei is a great looking boy” Luhan said back. “He would have been better looking if he looked more like you” she said as he scoffed. “My wife is gorgeous thank you” he said as he sent her a glare. “Why don’t you go get a touch up or a coffee” he said with a slightly annoyed tone. “Aw but I like hanging out with you when you look over my pictures” she said as she walked over to him with a flirty smile.

“Well I’m done looking at your pictures” he said as her face dropped “why?” she said. “You insult my wife and my son. Do you think that’s okay?” he asks as she cowers back. “My children and wife mean everything to me and I don’t like your words so I’m kindly asking you to go before I yell” he said as calmly as he could. She nodded ashamed before rushing out of his studio.

Luhan sat his camera down on his desk as he moved his mouse and his monitor light up. He smiled at the picture of you, him, and the kids. It was a dorky picture he took with the camera. One he promised he deleted because you hated how you looked but he found it perfect. He picked up his phone and unlocked it before he called you.

“Hey” he said calmly as he sat back in his chair. “How did you know it was nap time?” you ask as he could feel your lovely smile through the phone. “Daddy’s intuition” he said. “Well what’s up daddy?” you ask as your voice grew quiter. “I missed your voice. A model made some comments. That I just couldn’t stand” he said as you made a sound “do you want to talk about it?” you asked. He smiled “no baby. I want you to tell me about the kids and what you have planned” he said as you sigh lightly. “Meilin really wants Wei to walk like she was holding his hands and everything” you state. He chuckles “she wants to see brother walk. Daddy wants to see Wei walk too” he said as you laugh lightly. “She’s trying so hard to be a good sister” “she is a good sister” Luhan corrects as you make another sound “sorry sorry you’re right” you say.

After just minutes of talking to you. He was happy again. “Why don’t we go on a family date then?” he asks “where its a bit chilly for the park” you tell him. “We’ll get food and go to a kid movie” he offers “that sounds nice” you tell him. He sighs “I have photos to touch up but I rather listen to you” he whines. “My voice is very distracting isn’t it?” you joke “the good kind though” you were told as he sighs again. “I’ll let you go alright work hard” you say “I will” he said as he leans against his desk. “Love you” he says “love you too” you say back making a kissy sound through the phone before the call disconnected.

Argentum Twins AU

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•Cassiel and Prompto Argentum, the only twins to coordinate their outfits and hairstyles on the daily in this AU.

• Certainly drives almost everyone up the wall with their antics.

• Loves each other to death, relied on each other through thick and thin, ran together, never been apart for more than a day.

•Prompto takes the photos and Cassiel touches them up. Has major photoshop skills.

• For each of the guy’s birthdays, he made birthday cards. Front cover was them but MEME FORM.

• Noctis as the fresh prince, Ignis as himself but screaming like Gordon Ramsey, Gladio but with the cup noodle knitted hat but with noodles coming out on the side. (I know y'all know what I’m talking about YOU SEEN EM YOU MEMELORDS)

• They all get a good laugh out of it.

• besides Ignis, Cassiel is the best at gift wrapping, never needs more than three pieces of tape.

• Works at a photography studio as editor and sometimes goes with Prompto to train with the crownsguard.

• Shares a fidget cube with Prompto, always has been meaning to get one for himself or Prompto but he’s just so comfortable with the shares he just never does.

• Weapon of choice is sniper rifle.

• When asked to join Prompto to complete Crownsguard training, nearly had an anxiety attack. Didn’t think he had the skills necessary or the nerves, told Prompto no because he was just so scared

• Prompto talked him down the ledge and calmed him down, told Cassiel that he had complete faith in him, even Cor was hoping Cassiel would say yes to the offer, his sniping was above par.

• Started making cookies and nearly flung the dough at Prompto when he said that Cor said to say that “as an order from the Crown” to join the Crownsguard.

• Carries around a back up camera, in case Prompto misses some good shots.

• Also has the barcode tattoo and hides it as well

• Emulates everything that Prompto feels bc they’re just so in sync.

• The tiniest bit more shy than Prompto, even with friends. Always listens, never interjects. Always has to hug friends. Will be affectionate if asked to be.


You were the weird girl in high school, the 5 year reunion was a disaster, and now it’s your ten year high school reunion. You planned on not going, but Pietro, your best friend, isn’t going to let you miss it and surprise your former classmates. At first he was just going to be your date, but now you’re pretending you’re happily married and have a kid, and you’re both enjoying your classmate’s dumbfounded faces. Only problem is, now you wish it were true.

Warning: sexual references/situations, language

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Words:  4,116

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the only film photo I touched up. The scanner made it very flat. I just brought the dark back in. At this point I was nodding off pretty bad and stopping every couple rest stops to run around and wake up a little. The next stop we took a nap. After we woke we only made it 15 minutes down the road before the motor let go, leaving us stranded with no cell service on the 101, quite literally, one thousand miles from home. This was the last photo I took from the rolls I’ve developed so far (still have two rolls half shot).

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send ✆ for a morning text && send ☢ for a desperate text


( kkt ⇢ jeongguk ) hey, i know there’s still a week for the assignment 
( kkt ⇢ jeongguk ) but i need to see the photos before any touching up’s done 
( kkt ⇢ jeongguk ) you think you can get me a copy of them by this afternoon?
( kkt ⇢ jeongguk ) otherwise by tomorrow morning is good too, thanks. 🙏🏻

send ☠ for a misguided advice text

( kkt ⇢ jeongguk ) if you ever get pulled over by a cop and he asks you to say the alphabet, just say “the alphabet”
( kkt ⇢ jeongguk ) but you didn’t hear this from me 
( kkt ⇢ jeongguk ) and practice safe driving, kiddo 
( kkt ⇢ jeongguk ) but also it kinda works


Some teaser shots from our impromptu shoot tonight! Elrowiel and I decided to enter some Valentine’s Day cosplay contests that are coming up and Pastel was awesome enough to take some pics on short notice (even with being in a car accident poor thing!!). We went to the capitol building and the lighting was so perfect! These photos have not been touched up yet, but we are already super happy with how they turned out!!

Also apparently there was some other event going on at the venue. All these kids kept showing up, but they were super cute. XD They kept getting all excited “It’s Link and Zelda!! They’re Link and Zelda!!”
Then, on our way out, a whole crowd had gathered near the exit. There was a pack of girls that were practically bouncing up and down when they saw us walk by. It was the cutest thing ever. XD

Elrowiel as Zelda

Me (Pannon) as Link

Photos by Pastel