FYI: I have just deleted N&Leo holding with a cat due to the photo owner requested my source to delete since the photos were taken without permission but they were leaked to the community cafe site. Your understanding is highly appreciated. And please kindly stop spreading those photos.

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Thank you for earning your notes and followers the right way. Sometimes I wish Harry wasn't the popular one because many of his so called fans throw him under the bus for attention and notes. None of the other boys fans do this to their fave, they protect them not encourage hate. I'm sorry for ranting but I had to get this out and I wonder if other fans notice some Harry girls insulting him or causing drama for notes/attention. Sad world we live in :/

Thank you very much, I appreciate that :) And I agree.. He’s the most popular one, and you def see a lot of posts for notes and attention and it’s so desperate and sad. And it annoys me when I see that people are making up stuff too about him too, spreading lies, photo manipulation, etc etc… But yeah, you just gotta try and ignore it and keep it positive, ‘cause that shit won’t go away :) But I like fans like yourself ;) xx

Good morning from #RachelNevada #AlienRun2015 thanks to host Roy Neary for putting together an intergalactic party! The town of Rachel and the #LttleAleInn for their hospitality!! @chomper88 and @crfyou indirectly made my probe recovery most excellently manageable, thanks to all sponsors and fellow human riders who made it out… I’ll be posting stories and photo spreads on the blog this week and trying to remember what happened? One more huge thanks to @alienrun2015 ✨👽✨

Loveland Reporter-Herald GO: Cover, Aug. 26, 2011


  • Each year, the corn festival arrives in Loveland, and with so many events, we decided a collage of sorts would be most appropriate for the cover. So in making sure the headlines remained set apart while still giving the art the dominant play, I divided the art with black boxes, while changing the size of the art to give it plenty of visual interest as you move down the page.

Julia will be featured in, and might well be the cover model for, the upcoming issue of The Uptempo Magazine. Yesterday she did her photo shoot, and the magazine has been nice enough to share some behind the scenes pics.

The Uptempo Magazine is a relatively new, Boston-based, periodical that “focuses on the artistic collaboration of fashion and the performing arts.” Their online publication features “the latest on fashion, opera, symphony, dance, and theater through reviews, interviews, specialized articles, photo shoots, and more. Uptempo is a concept that allows those involved in the arts as well as those interested in the arts to expand their minds away from one in particular and into all aspects of the arts.”

We are very much looking forward to the new issue, and thank Uptempo for sharing these pics.

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Y'all still can’t get me to drink the Twilight juice #cult, but I gotta admit, @KellanLutz is looking quite White.Boy.Fantasy.Fuck.Listable #WBFFL on the pages of GQ Australia … 

[A]t 6’1” and resplendently rippled, Lutz looks like a guy sent from some super-race of humanity to kick your arse.

~GQ Australia interviewer on Kellan’s physique