Model and cosplay by: needles-and-noodles Photos by: ameowliapond
Photo editing by: needles-and-noodles and ameowliapond

So this weekend my friend Kathy and I went to Armageddon, and like the true ride or die bitch she is she let me ramp her from 0 to 100 real quick.

Following getting pretty voaka tipsy we decided that a Furiosa boudoir photo shoot was not only a great idea, but possibly the greatest idea we had ever had.

If we were Michaelango the result would be our Sistine Chapel.


To celebrate their 57 years of marriage, Clemma and Sterling Elmore had a photo shoot inspired by one of their favorite films, The Notebook. They used real love notes in the photos, and Clemma was moved to tears when she saw the finished product - which she says she’ll remember for the rest of her life. Source

Could this couple be any cuter?!