Cambodia - A young boy proudly holds new school supplies.

Join us in praying for impoverished children in Cambodia and throughout Asia who do not have the opportunity or resources to go to school. Pray for special donations and programs that would allow these children to get an education and break the cycle of poverty.

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Living in the Moment

Living in the Moment

FGGAM PHOTO of The Day: Our 9 ½ year old Beagle, Reno is resting in the FGGAM office, or as I call it “the man cave” ………Reno is at peace, Reno has taught me and Sharon to “live in the moment” Sometimes he goes outside and just puts his head up in the air and feels the wind…….sometimes he just looks up to the sky………soaking in the day God has given us! Philippians 4: 6-7 teaches us Stand Firm in…

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With everything
with everything
We will shout forth Your praise
Our hearts they cry
Be glorified
Be lifted high above all names
For You our King
With everything
We will shout forth Your praise! //

Today marks the (supposed) day for the release of #Empires and the end of #HillsongUnitedWeek. This photo was taken during the Global Day Of Prayer at Suntec City Convention Centre. With everything is a song that is really close to heart in the focal point of what we are called to do. And to see multitudes of people singing that song in my playlist it just sends shivers down my spine.

What a way to end than the most declarative song in the whole of Hillsong United. #拥喔一切 (at With Everything - Hillsong United)

Nepal – Weeks after the initial earthquake in Nepal, families—especially in remote villages far from the epicenter of relief efforts—are still struggling to survive and are without proper shelter as monsoon season quickly approaches.

Would you join us in praying for struggling earthquake victims in Nepal? Pray they would receive the help they need and would have strength during the difficult days ahead.

#FlexyStretchyYogis Day 4: Triangle Pose (with reverse prayer hands) Working on keeping the back flat and moving forward with the heart💕 “…words are the verbal embodiment of power.” -Robin Sharma (The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari) 💕 Challenge hosted by @kiarascurasl @fit_yoga_girl @auri_yoga @sigikolbe Sponsors are @petalee_ @altaregoapparel #yogachallenge #yogaeveryblessedday #yoga #yoga365 #yogalove #yogaheals #igyogis #igyogafamily #igyogamovement #yogamakesmehappy #silhouetteyoga by seeinhearts


Thai Culture and Food Festival- Dallas Buddhist Center

Annual two day event that allows the community of Dallas to experience the Buddhist temple and Thai cuisine.  Was hard to find vegetarian options but I did get some noodles with tofu.  Served with a spoon LOL so hard to eat noodles with a spoon!  And purple taro milk tea with “bubbles”.  The monk in the photo blessed everyone and gave us a prayer flag corresponding to the day of the week of our birth.  I bought several batik sarongs and luckily for me “the silk lady” was back- selling 4 yards of gorgeous raw silk for $35!  Stocked up on black and red for costuming.   

Since I can’t be out in the world, photographing outdoor life for a few weeks, I will photograph my indoor life right now.

Update: Recovering well! Thanks to all those who’ve called, visited, brought food/flowers, texted, and sent well thoughts and prayers. Means the world! :)

Photo #1 - 2 day post-op, #2 - me going down the stairs for the first time, #3 - 5 day post-op.

I would say it’s looking pretty good. Endoscopic surgery doesn’t leave such big scars… I can live with that!

Bulgaria – Conflict in their region has forced this Syrian mother and her child to flee with thousands of others to Bulgaria for safety and seek shelter in a makeshift refugee camp.

As we prepare our hearts for Christmas, would you join us in praying for hurting families in refugee camps throughout the Middle East? Pray they would have what they need to survive and would be able to return home soon.

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Thailand – Students at Baan Kune School in Thailand enjoy the precious gift of clean water now available to them thanks to the gift of a new well in their village.

Today, on World Water Day, let us not take for granted the blessing it is to have clean water and pray for those who do not have access to safe water sources. Pray for innovative solutions that would bring safe water to families who are struggling with waterborne illnesses.

Lima, Peru

Children in Peru benefit from a free medical clinic in their community.

In many regions of the world, medical care is difficult to access, and for impoverished families it can be cost prohibitive. Please join us today in praying for greater access to affordable care for children in Peru and throughout Latin America.

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Dominican Republic - Children living in impoverished communities are often unable to attend school and many suffer from hunger and treatable illnesses and injuries.

Would you take a moment to pray for hurting children in the Dominican Republic and throughout the Caribbean? Pray they would receive the food, medical care and education they need to grow healthy and strong and break the cycle of poverty in their communities.

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Children at Fatima Orphanage in Guatemala receive care packages with hygiene supplies and a special candy treat.

Will you take a moment to pray today for these orphaned children? Pray that as they grow, they will be able to get an education and learn skills that will help them break free from the cycle of poverty.

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Peru - For Martina, getting clean water for her family meant she had to carry heavy buckets of water by hand each day. After receiving the blessing of a PackH2O backpack, Martina’s daily walk for water is no longer a struggle.

Would you take the time today to pray for struggling families in Peru and throughout Latin America? Pray for innovative solutions like this one that would provide families with easy access to safe drinking water, reducing the threat of disease and illness.

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