Here’s my half of an art trade with @itsallpeachykeen/ @peachbuttz! It’s her Saints Row character, Boss Fran. (I don’t know much about the games)


Comix Thing was a bust last night, but it was kinda nice to people-watch and doodle for a few hours. All Sharpie in my Goodwill sketchbook.

I haven’t drawn horses in a looong time, hooboy. XD

The second page shows some splash page ideas for Brainsick. Gotta get back (tothepast) to using watercolors and acrylic inks, and making funky photo illustrations!

I did hold brief conversations over Junji Ito’s Uzumaki (a guest was wearing a button with the artwork) and the Portland Zine Symposium (I happened to table next to its founder!), which I applied for last week. 

I decided to colour them ╰(*´♡`*)╯♡
Silas finally took Corrin (Toya) on a picnic as promised 

 Watercolour on 200gsm