Recently the sky in Korea is pretty beautiful. and the view from my house is good… All the pictures were taken by me.

Drawing on photo is fun I like it

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Bring It To You

Summary: After a string of sleepless nights, Bucky doesn’t join in on a group bonding activity and you try your best to cheer him up.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,409

Warnings: floof

A/N: This is my submission for Caro’s Game of Prompts! Thank you for organizing, and congratulations on your milestones @sanjariti ily 💗 💗 

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Engrossed in a new book, you were curled up in your favourite armchair, devouring the words on the page as your eyes flicked rapidly from one side of the page to the other.  The author was fantastic at keeping you engaged, so much so that you didn’t hear Steve until he tapped your shoulder.

“Hey, you alive?” Steve asked, taking the seat beside you to slip on his shoes.

“Yeah, did you say something?” you replied while finishing up the sentence and marking your page with a bookmark.  

“I asked if you were coming to Coney Island?” A group bonding activity, he called it when he told you yesterday.  “We’re leaving kinda now.”  

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【BIRTHDAY PHOTO】08.30 Aizome Kento(THRIVE)

“Aizome! Your standing position was wrong again!” 

“It’s a performance. Goushi should do more fanservice. Can’t this mouth do anything other than sing?” 

“Stfip, don’t pinfch me! (Stop, don’t pinch me!)” 

“Ha〜♡ The concert was fun ♪” 

Photo by Ashuu Yuuta 


Box Opening: Seed Arts Bundae

When I saw these Bundaes on’s Instagram feed, they made my heart melt. I mean, how could I—Mint—resist the delightful temptation of buying a Mint Chocolate Chip Bundae?

The day they were released I was glued to my computer, constantly refreshing the shop page in hopes I could snag one of my very own.

And somehow, I did. 💚

Please help me welcome the newest member of my resin crew: Bundae. Bundae will eventually need a name but for now we’re keepin’ it simple. I threw together a quick housewarming party for them upon their arrival today. They seem to be enjoying their new hopping grounds already, wouldn’t you agree?

Thank you for creating such an adorable work of art, @armeleia! I’m honored to own this lil’ critter and hope you (and everyone else) enjoys this fun photo shoot!


PS: I did eat a sundae in Bundae’s honor. Extra careful not to bite the wrong one, of course. 🍨

PPS: Since this cutie arrived I’ve been running around my house calling out “BUNDAE! BUNDAE! BUNDAE!” like I’m at a Monster Truck rally.

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your content quality has been lacking ever since new admins joined ): idk what do 😢

This is probably one of the rudest messages I have ever received on this blog…. I know that this probably wasn’t your intention, but…I am taking my time to answer this cause I am honestly really offended by this. I’m going to write a lot, so I’ll put it under a read more. This might give you more context and understanding about this blog, so if you are curious please read.

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